Massive AMNESTY march on May1

Twenty-year-old Juan Rodriguez and the others, all immigrants, plan to walk the distance and expect supporters to join them along the way. They plan to arrive in the capital May 1, in time for massive immigrant rights rallies. On Friday, the group embarks on a 1,500 mile trek from Miami to Washington, D.C., they are […]


There’ll be Nowhere to Run From the New World Government

There is scope for debate – and innumerable newspaper quizzes – about who was the most influential public figure of the year, or which the most significant event. But there can be little doubt which word won the prize for most important adjective. 2009 was the year in which “global” swept the rest of the


In Memory of Buck


Immigration and Crime: New Studies Examine Crime among Immigrants, Local Enforcement Efforts

WASHINGTON (November 2009) – The Center for Immigration Studies held a panel discussion to explore the issue of immigration and crime. The links to the the two associated backgrounders, as well as links to the panel publications, are available below. Immigration and Crime: Assessing a Conflicted IssueA Backgrounder by Steven A. Camarota and Jessica VaughanThe […]