King to Press for Kingsize Enforcement

As Republican Congressman Peter King wrestles away chairmanship of the House’s Homeland Security Committee from Democrats, he plans to put the spotlight on an issue that he sees as paramount to national security: immigration enforcement. King, who takes charge of the committee next week, said he intends to hold hearings, push bills and […]

Border Crossing

Deported illegals return repeatedly

Federal agents took an illegal ALIEN to Grant Medical Center in October 2009 to collect proof of his ties to a Mexican-based drug ring. During his two-day hospital stay, Jose Aranda-Mora supplied the needed evidence – 92 balloons of heroin that he had swallowed before a traffic stop in Richland County. Three months earlier, immigration […]


Illegals Factor Into 2010 Census Results, Congressional Makeup

Employer Sanctions

The Legal Arizona Workers Act stalemate

The Supreme Court’s decision on the power of states to enforce laws against illegal immigrants is currently in a stalemate. This means Arizona’s controversial law is still intact, and can be enforced in other states if they choose to do so. The Legal Arizona Workers Act was at stake, which calls for businesses that are