08 AZ immigration bills


House Bills Sponsored by Rep. Pearce as Prime

HB2012 out-of-state driver licenses; identification purposes
HB2063 employer sanctions; federal citation; correction
HB2168 pupils; biometric scans; parental permission
HB2218 municipal zoning; technical correction
HB2220 state equalization property tax repeal.
HB2339 I didn’t pay enough fund
HB2340 schools; American sign language; exemption
HB2392 NCLB opt out; cost study
HB2393 procurement services; outsourcing prohibited.
HB2443 constables; ethics; training.
HB2444 aggravated assault; constables.
HB2445 appeals; technical correction
HB2446 telephone records; technical correction
HB2600 state contract; performance management software
HB2623 constables; peace officers status
HB2624 illegal aliens; public benefits; reimbursement
HB2625 illegal aliens; commercial transactions
HB2626 weapons; peace officers; posse; reserves
HB2627 retired peace officers; background investigations
HB2628 carrying firearms; exceptions
HB2629 justification; defensive display of firearm
HB2630 concealed weapons; petty offense
HB2631 marriage license; proof of citizenship
HB2632 public supervisors; eligibility violations; penalties
HB2634 concealed weapons permit; felony convictions
HB2636 bond elections; prohibited contracts
HB2637 prohibiting municipal taxation of services
HB2638 municipal tax incentive penalty; application
HCR2021 nonliability for damages; criminal acts
HCR2024 aircraft; license tax; technical correction
HCR2025 militia; technical correction
HCR2038 state appropriation limit; reduction
HCR2039 illegal aliens; enforcement; trespassing
HCR2040 spending accountability and transparency act
HCR2041 discrimination; preferential treatment; prohibition
HCR2042 valid identification; consular cards; prohibition
HCR2043 educational institutions; proof of citizenship
HCR2044 voter-protection; temporary budgetary suspension
HCR2049 punitive damages awards; funds
HCR2050 bond elections; qualified electors; date
HCR2051 tax exemption; personal property
HCR2052 repeal business personal property tax

House Bills Co-Sponsored by Rep. Pearce
HB2045 handyman registration.
HB2064 e-learning task force
HB2272 ABOR; membership; tuition increases
HB2375 financial institution records; disclosure; notice
HB2459 university trust land management; exchanges
HB2573 off-highway vehicles; user fee
HB2603 photo enforcement; driving record; insurance
HB2604 consumer reports; security freeze
HB2635 insurance score; credit history
HB2639 CPS; investigations; confidentiality
HB2641 urban revenue sharing; tax credit.
HB2642 tax simplification; income tax repeal
HCR2019 legislators; school board members; ineligibility
HCR2020 legislature; designated seat
HCR2027 trust lands; universities; beneficiary exchanges
HCR2037 constitutional rights; game and fish
HCR2053 income tax repeal; tax simplification

Senate Bill Sponsored By Rep. Pearce as Prime

SB1002 state equalization property tax repeal
SB1072 AHCCCS; proof of citizenship
SB1080 operating under the influence; watercraft
SB1099 partial-birth abortion; definition.
SB1102 parental consent; abortion..
SB1138 local development fees; schools; exclusion
SB1139 state treasurer; administration; management fund
SB1152 chiropractors; copayments
SB1213 AHCCCS; children; psychiatric medications; information
SB1214 concealed weapons; school grounds
SCM1003 illegal aliens; children; noncitizenship status
SCR1009 public agency lobbyists

Senate Bills Co-Sponsored by Rep. Pearce

SB1216 schools; biometric information; prohibition
SCM1002 constitutional amendment; U.S. senators; repeal

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