Code of Conduct

MCDC Standard Operating Procedure for Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

1. Minutemen are courteous to everyone with whom they come into contact, and never discriminate against anyone for any reason.
2. Minutemen do not respond to any taunts or harassment from outside agitators, and must never be present for duty or serve in any capacity if intoxicated.
3. *Minutemen Observe, Report,Record, and Direct Border Patrol or other appropriate emergency or law enforcement agencies to suspected Illegal Aliens or Illegal Activities.
4. Minutemen do not verbally contact, physically gesture to or have any form of communications with suspected Illegal Aliens.
5. Minutemen follow the Standard Operating Procedures to the letter and spirit.
6. Minutemen follow all federal, state and local laws, understanding that we are being held to a higher standard by all.
7. Minutemen understand that, while our actions cannot stop illegal activities along the border, we can change world perception and national thought concerning Homeland and Border Security.
8. Minutemen monitor their behavior, the behavior of the people around them and the group as a whole to ensure compliance with the SOP and any instruction given by Minuteman Corps Leadership.
9. Minutemen leave no garbage behind and follow strict pack-in / pack-out procedures.
10. Minutemen respect the property rights of everyone, start no fires, never drive off road, and follow the directions of all law enforcement personnel.

PBA Minuteman’s Code of Conduct

* I am an American Minuteman, dedicated to the safety, security and sovereignty of my nation. It is a solemn duty I will fulfill with the sober dedication, reasoned application and humble enthusiasm that duty demands.
* I recognize that I am held to a higher standard of behavior, and will strictly follow all PBA guidelines, rules and procedures. I will strictly observe all applicable local, state and federal laws in the performance of my duty as a Minuteman.
* I will obey all lawful direction, orders and guidelines of those leaders appointed above me by PBA
* I recognize my duties and activities as a PBA Minuteman cannot stop illegal activities on our border. I will perform my duties in a fashion that will allow those duties to educate the American public about the problem and bring about a political change that will insure our elected officials are held accountable for the safety, security, and sovereignty of our nation.
* I will never allow myself to be taunted or manipulated into inappropriate behavior by anyone. I will not respond to verbal attacks from any quarter during the performance of my duties.  I will always treat each individual with dignity and respect. This includes the leadership of PBA, All Minutemen, law enforcement, illegal aliens, the media and those who are in opposition to our mission
* I will assist law enforcement by observing suspected illegal activity, reporting that suspected illegal activity to the proper authorities, and then directing the responding agency to that suspected illegal activity.  I stand ever ready to assist legitimate law enforcement in any way I can.
* I will never attempt to detain, verbally communicate or gesture in a manner that would indicate I am interfering with an illegal alien’s travel or leave the impression they are being detained.
* I stand prepared and committed to providing humanitarian aid to any illegal alien in need of such relief during the performance of my duties.
* I accept it is my responsibility to monitor not only my own behavior and deportment, but also the behavior and deportment of those on post with me, all PBA Minutemen and the PBA organization as a whole.
* I will always conduct myself in a manner that will bring credit to myself, Minutemen everywhere and to Patriots Border Alliance.



1. Riders USA members never discriminate against anyone on the basis of the color of their skin.
2. Riders USA members will not harass taunt or intimidate others.
3. Riders USA members welcome all LEGAL immigrants to our great country.
4. Riders USA does not support racists of any color; black, brown or white.

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