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Part I: “By the time you get to Phoenix, it’ll be Tijuana!”
by S.J. Miller
Sonoran News

Phoenix‚ summer is over, but the Mayor, Council and Police Chief still feel the heat. The latest round of illegal aliens’ killing Americans has killed another Phoenix officer, with a second saved by his Kevlar vest.

Like hundreds of past cases, the illegals had past criminal history, but illegal alien “sanctuary” policies directed police to release them to commit more crimes.

Irate citizens bombard phones to the mayor and city council members. The officer who escaped death has “broken silence” and condemned city and police political hacks for refusing to protect their officers.

The Police Union recently replaced pandering, sanctuary-supporting union president Jake Jacobsen with someone who serves officers rather than politicians. New President Mark Spencer listened to the 80 percent of union members who oppose the sanctuary policy of PD Chief “Jack the Hack” Harris and Mayor Phil “Flash” Gordon. On October 8, Spencer announced the union proposal that Phoenix PD enter the same “287-g Pact” with Federal Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) as Sheriff Joe and Arizona DPS.

A furious Chief Jack Harris needs three to four weeks to study the proposal before rejecting it with the same high-handed arrogance of his recent Arizona Republic op-ed, calling citizens “racists” for insisting he enforce the rule of law.

Phoenix is a notorious hub for smuggling both humans and drugs, with Arizona’s identity theft the highest in the US. No surprise when Arizona cities reassure illegal aliens that they “won’t ask, won’t tell” no matter what crimes they commit.

Across the US, TV news stations show Phoenix residents predictably afraid to go out at night.

When police aren’t safe, citizens know they’re sunk “Flash” Gordon and cronies may finally hurt where they’re most sensitive – their pocketbooks.

The developers who have both financed the mayor’s campaigns and employed illegal aliens may have killed the goose that laid their golden eggs. Who will buy their houses, retail stores and business buildings in a city where both police and citizens are gunned down? Even before the Sept. 18 cold-blooded murder of Officer Erfle by illegal alien gang member Erik “Droopy” Martinez, Central Phoenix businesses complained of three years‚ lost revenue with streets torn-up for the expensive “Light Rail” boondoggle. The Mayor & Councilman Simplot run radio ads urging citizens to “shop Phoenix, shop The Line” to pacify these businesses. With “The Line” in the central city area identified by Phoenix officers as call-prone by illegal aliens and a war zone, citizens aren’t eager to go there.

Winter may bring worse economic disaster if traditional “snowbirds” decide to spend their winter and their money in safer warm climes where police and citizens aren’t gunned down by illegal aliens. Will “Flash Gordon & his Tijuana Brass” run radio ads throughout the Midwest and Canada urging snowbirds to “Come See our Tijuana Trolley?” If that happens, more businesses will lose revenue, and city and state tax revenues will drop even more than Guv Janet already admits.

Meanwhile, City Hall spinmeisters produce “Flash” Gordon’s excuses du jour for obstinately continuing the very sanctuary policy that only three months ago Hizzoner denied even existed:

• “It’s due to the feds’ failure to secure the US border.”
• “The city charter doesn’t allow elected officials to make policy, only professionals ” such as PD Chief Harris. Hizzoner believes it should remain that way because “it’s served us well.” Ludicrous, but that’s his story and he’s sticking to it (at least until he thinks up a better alibi).

Yet he and the council eagerly influence policy like funding in 2002 the North Phoenix Illegal Alien Day Labor Center and the Phoenix Light Rail/City Trolley.

Citizens can thank Sheriff Joe Arpaio for exposing those he calls “cop-outs” with their crybaby excuses. With his legendary tact and diplomacy, his press conferences educate the public what his deputies achieve while bureaucrats and “professionals” like the Mayor and Chief Harris replay their phony-baloney excuses.

The mayor and council both hire the police chief and city manager and direct their activities. If Harris and Fairbanks‚ conduct didn’t suit the Mayor and council, they’d have been sent packing long ago! Gordon eagerly recites numbers of illegals Phoenix has turned over to ICE. What he hides is that Phoenix PD is told to keep illegals “off the books” – they aren’t charged or fingerprinted, prosecuted or jailed. By keeping aliens’ records clean, Phoenix city officials let illegal aliens know they’re welcome to return to Phoenix to be “recycled” again.

With fewer deputies than the Phoenix PD, Sheriff Joe arrests, books, prosecutes and jails both illegals and their smugglers. When these convicted felons are deported by ICE after serving jail time, they’ll be barred from getting a legal US visa (to “do the jobs Americans won’t do”) for ten years.

Why can Sheriff Joe “do the job that Phoenix won’t do?” Because Sheriff Joe offers “political will” instead of the Mayor & Chief’s “political won’t.” But make no mistake – Phoenix politicians feel the heat. Phoenix citizens must keep up the pressure with phone calls, e-mails and letters of outrage to Mayor Gordon and the council. Don’t accept their excuses.

We can’t fire Harris or Fairbanks, but we CAN fire those who hired them. Remind politicians that our outrage will follow them to their next election – mayor, governor, state legislature, US congressman or senator.

We won’t forget. They can “run” but they can’t hide.

Miller can be reached for comment at [email protected].


Part II: Ops Order 1.4: New & improved just for illegal aliens
Sandra Miller
Sonoran News

Since 2000, each revision of Phoenix PD illegal alien sanctuary policy offers more benefits to illegal aliens. It was largely unknown until Randy Pullen learned of it during his 2003 mayoral race and shared with the Prop 200 activists.

Ops Order 1.4.3 (October 2000): “The investigation and enforcement of federal laws relating to illegal entry and residence in the United States is specifically assigned to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) of the United States Department of Justice.” Situations for contacting ICE list “may” while situations where police are forbidden to contact ICE list “will not” (actually underlined in bold). I concluded that any crime not specifically mentioned falls under the heading “will not.” As for DUI, “Felony DUI offenders will be turned over to INS ‘when feasible.’” The only stated conditions when Phoenix PD “will” notify ICE are: “Drop House -A house or building being used as a transfer or holding facility for smuggling undocumented persons.

Load Vehicles -Used in smuggling undocumented persons.

Drug House -House or building being used for narcotics trafficking.” Fast-forward to Ops Order 1.4 (June 2004): By 2004, the “ICE Notification” process becomes bureaucratic. The officer must obtain approval from a patrol supervisor, who will then contact the Violent Crimes Bureau Desk Sergeant to “call the man.” The clear intent is more hurdles.

“New & Improved” Benefit #1: “Juveniles contacted, arrested, or detained for suspected criminal activity will be processed as outlined in Operations Order 4.18, Juvenile Procedures, without regard to immigration status.”

“New & Improved” Benefit #2: “Officers can refer community members to these organizations for assistance with immigration, housing, social services, etc.” “Chicanos Por La Causa 112 E. Buckeye Road Phoenix, AZ 85034 257-0700 Friendly House 802 S. 1st Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85003 257-1870″ These two groups receive grants from the city and United Way. The $50,000 in March 2006 Bond 5 money to Chicanos is claimed for “other” causes, but it still frees up funds to help illegal aliens.

Fast-forward to Ops Order 1.4 (October 2006 & May 2007): A stern warning to officers replaces the old “disclaimer.” It’s as if police management anticipated back in May the “80% revolution.” “Police officers are responsible for detaining and arresting subjects suspected of committing violations of state and local laws, in accordance with all other operations orders, regardless of their residency status or citizenship.

Police officers are not in a position to determine the legal or illegal status of anyone’s residency in the US.

Police officers are not responsible for enforcing federal immigration policy If an officer, during the normal course of his/her duty, receives information that the subject they are in contact with is a deported felon, the officer will act according to Ops order 4.10-Deported Felons Hits.” “New & Improved” benefits: Felony DUI is no longer “notifiable” and the “Drug House” situation of October 2000 is also removed. Only “Drop House” and “Load Vehicles” requiring ICE notification.

“New & Improved” benefit Jackpot: Sonoran News recently told of ANOTHER visa available much faster and easier (”New visas provide criminal aliens with path to permanency”).1 Police departments AREN’T REQUIRED to participate in this federal program; that Phoenix PD chooses to provide this visa assistance to illegals IS ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY. Phoenix PD included “visa assistance” in the October 2006 policy–a year in advance of the October 17, 2007 effective date. Was the need for additional staff to investigate, process and certify these U-visas the REAL reason for Prop 1 in the September 2007 election? How many of these new Prop 1 staff will be “getting involved with immigration?” A Phoenix PD detective is assigned to the request, with the visa certification by the Battalion Commander.

The visa is permanent and renewable and extends to family members.

So now we know: Phoenix PD official policy requires officers to help illegal aliens with “immigration, housing, social services” and obtaining visas (even after their “help in solving crime” is no longer needed)! Yet the Police Chief, Mayor and Council tell us “we don’t want our officers involved with immigration” and expect us to trust them? Not likely.

(1) “New visas provide criminal aliens with path to permanency-Criminal alien elevated to victim status eligible for U visa,” Sonoran News, October 24-30 2007.


Statement by Roger Sensing of Pruitt’s Furniture
By Roger Sensing
Sonoran News

This Saturday, November 3, 2007, M.D. Pruitt’s Furniture is expecting the fourth protest within a year lead by Salvador Reza and Alfredo Gutierrez, so called “community activists” for the “day laborers”. Reza has stated that the purpose of his protests is to put Pruitt’s out of business.

M.D. Pruitt’s Furniture is a fifty-seven year old family owned business that employs over 100 people and pays sales tax on nearly forty million dollars worth of sales per year.

Reza’s first protest was in November of 2006. This protest was staged due to Pruitt’s and a coalition of small businesses hiring off duty police officers to protect our properties from trespassers. The trespassers were large groups of day laborers that had been forced to leave a nearby Home Depot parking lot by Phoenix City Police and off-duty officers. The business coalition then hired off-duty officers at the suggestion of the Phoenix Police Department as well as Vice Mayor Michael Johnson to keep these day laborers off of our properties. Had the police department simply enforced the “no soliciting” law that is currently on the books, offduty officers would have never had to be hired.

Last year’s protest was an ugly event. Activists and day laborers shouted at Pruitt’s customers with bullhorns and taunted and jeered at them.

They blocked our driveways and trespassed on our property. Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris pulled our off-duty officers from us just before the protest and provided us with only the “Community Response Squad”, who after shaking hands with all of the protest organizers, simply observed the chaos and did nothing to protect us.

Due to the protests, the business coalition arranged a meeting with Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. We were informed by the Mayor’s office that in order for the protests to stop we were going to have to stop using off-duty officers and allow the activists to establish a work camp in the area.

Through two (2) more meetings with the activists and representatives of the mayor’s office, it was agreed that the businesses would temporarily stop using off-duty officers. The activists agreed to stop the protests, and they promised to establish a temporary work camp to get the day laborers off the street immediately, while working on establishing a permanent work camp. The business coalition lived up to their side of the agreement, unfortunately the activists have never lived up to theirs by establishing a work camp, yet they are screaming that we broke our agreement. The number of day laborers in the area now is just continuing to grow daily.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently arrested six illegal immigrants in our area.

Reza stated that since Pruitt’s had broken the agreement he was going to begin the protests again, blaming Pruitt’s for the arrest of the six Illegals.

You would think that Mayor Gordon, knowing what had been agreed to, would make a statement supporting the businesses. He has not.

Reza has also gone on record stating that I am racist, and don’t want any day laborer to get work.

If I were a racist, why would there be between 60 – 70 Hispanics currently employed by Pruitt’s? Why would I have made suggestions to Vice Mayor Johnson, Mayor Gordon, and Salvador Reza as to where a work camp could be established? Why would I have spent thousands of dollars advertising in Hispanic publications? Perhaps Reza has no other way of justifying his protests than to “play the race card?” Pruitt’s problems are a result of a Police Chief who will not enforce the laws as they are written.

They are the result of a Mayor’s office not willing to stand up for small businesses that have been a vibrant part of this community for many years.

They are a result of politicians that want to pander, and glad hand without standing for anything.

My business was started with sheer guts and determination to succeed. I was handed nothing and had to earn everything I got. Up to this point, I have lived the American Dream. Now the dreams are being crushed by politicians with political agendas. What is the point of “Dreaming” in America anymore?


Guest Editorial
By Gayla Franks

Salvador Reza and Mayor Phil Gordon’s anarchy city
Crackpot Reconquista Salvador Reza is quite the piece of work as he attempts to shut down a family owned furniture store in Phoenix because he’s angry at Sheriff Joe Arpaio for enforcing immigration laws. Apparently that enforcement has affected some of Reza’s day laborers.
By saying nothing, Mayor Phil Gordon and the Phoenix City Scoundrals are condoning Reza actions. And by painting a new crosswalk leading directly into Pruitt’s main entrance, intended to provide jaywalkerfree access to the store for Reza and his traveling circus of paid picketers, the city of Phoenix was actively contributing to Reza’s plan to ruin this successful taxpaying 50-yearold business. Only after a complaint was called in did city workers return to black out Reza’s requested shortcut to pandemonium before the white paint even had a chance to dry. Nice try amigos.
Why is Reza not being required to pay for all the extra law enforcement deployed by the city, week after week, as a result of his picketing Pruitt’s Furniture, especially since he claims to be so concerned about wasting taxpayer money and has attacked Sheriff Joe with that exact accusation? Reza and his day laborers contribute virtually nothing to that tax base.
Exactly what does Reza contribute to the city of Phoenix, or the state of Arizona for that matter, in the way of taxes or legal enterprise? Reza doesn’t own any property and he’s not an officer of any corporation. The only work he seems to have is being the boss man of an “illegal alien-for-hire” enterprise that he operates on our city streets and sidewalks all over town. He shows up frequently at each site to collect his kickbacks from the workers. Sometimes he sends his matons (hoodlums) in his place to collect.
Reza also operates an illegal employment center set up with taxpayer money (Community Block Development Grant Funds). He is somehow exempt from following the law with regard to the temporary use permit for the center, which has long expired. The city continues to allow him to operate an employment agency where contractors can hire illegal workers for cash under the table. No I-9s, no payroll taxes, no workers comp, nothing … just plain old cash. While the mayor and the city government continue to support and protect this man they have totally forsaken the one man who has contributed millions to this city for fifty years through his property taxes and sales tax revenues. What is wrong with this picture? Reza has stated the illegal aliens that use the day labor center contribute to help pay operating expenses (including his salary). If Salvador didn’t have his illegal work force, he would not have an income. It’s no wonder he keeps trying to force them on us.
Perhaps Gordon and the city scoundrels would also not mind if Pruitt’s and the other businesses along Thomas Road simply stopped paying sales tax, payroll taxes, insurance and all those other pesky costs of doing business that Reza and his band of illegal aliens feel they are exempt from paying.
Is this how Gordon “celebrates diversity?” Does Gordon believe the city needs to have a rich mix of both legal and illegal enterprises in Phoenix in order to claim “diversity?” Gordon might as well go out and padlock all the legitimate businesses along the Thomas corridor so Reza, illegal aliens and anarchy can reign free.

Gayla Franks has worked as a paralegal and licensed private investigator in Texas and Arizona for more than 25 years.


February 21, 2008 – 6:09PM
COMMENTARY: We want more action, not more B.S.
By Sandra Miller

Four political hack lawyers appointed by a pro-illegal alien mayor took three months to devise a stronger illegal alien sanctuary policy that reduces police ability to prevent crime.

That they have the audacity to call it an improvement insults both citizens and police officers.

Just what we’d expect from pro-illegal alien attorneys like Paul Charlton, Jose Rivera, Grant Woods, Rick Romley and a mayor who doesn’t want to hear from line police officers.

The mayor’s panel knows how successful “routine traffic stops” have been in apprehending lawbreakers (see the Feb. 18 AFN story “18 nabbed in I-10 traffic stop”) so, of course, they continue giving traffic violators a free pass.

The mayor and his panel want illegals to continue driving with no license, no insurance or vehicle registration.

The panel only allows officers to ask and send an inquiry form to ICE rather than actually call ICE for immediate verification. Rather than come clean and admit they want to continue pandering to illegal aliens, the mayor and his panel whine endlessly about the nonexistent “racial profiling” bogeyman.

The mayor’s panel also kept quiet about another way the mayor and Police Chief Jack Harris pander to illegal aliens – Self-ID.

Defying Arizona law that failure to provide a driver’s license or valid ID is an arrestible Class 2 misdemeanor, Harris allows Self-ID to those without valid ID. Self-ID lets the suspect give a false name for the suspected civil or criminal offense, be issued a citation and released based on their promise to appear in court.

The Phoenix PD Law Office claims “court decisions require the Self-ID policy,” but inquiries last October and November to both Gordon and Councilman Greg Stanton asked questions that remain unanswered:

(1) What are the specific court decisions requiring Self-ID?

(2) Why don’t those court decisions apply to Sheriff Joe, who needs no Self-ID policy?

Law-abiding Americans learned of Self-ID during the Pruitt’s protests when an illegal alien blatantly assaulted them in full view of the police.

Upon apprehension, the individual responsible provided no valid ID, but gave her name as Blanca Blanca Hernandez. When providing the victims with the report/incident number, arresting officers agreed with the citizen victims that the name was likely phony but Harris’ Self-ID policy required they accept it.

Predictably, Blanca Blanca Hernandez no-showed on her court date. Another success for Harris and his Self-ID policy for illegal aliens.

Phoenix PD officers contemptuously call the “New & Improved” policy Ops Order 0.7 half as strong as previous Ops Order 1.4.

Instead of the requested discretion to call ICE, they’re now allowed to fill out another form containing a false name while the illegal alien walks free and the form gathers dust.

PLEA president Mark Spencer knows police officer input is ignored, but hopes citizens’ outrage will be heeded.

Tell the mayor and Stanton that you’re fed up with their protecting illegal aliens, endangering citizens and hindering police from doing their jobs.

Express your outrage at the continued Self-ID policy and illegal alien sanctuary at: Mayor Phil Gordon, [email protected] or (602) 262-7111.

Councilman Stanton can be reached at [email protected] or (602) 262-7491.

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