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1. Educate Thyself. Remember, “if you ain’t mad, you ain’t pay’in attention!” Go to the American Patrol website daily to stay current and out of denial. You can only depend on the internet and talk radio for unbiased reporting, the mainstream media is part of the problem. Click HERE for news posted on this site and read all Frosty Wooldridge articles HERE, then complete his checklist for action HERE.

2. Check this USA page and here regularly for upcoming events, action items and anouncements.

3. Check for legislative ALERTS and calendars to testifiy at committee hearings. Create a log in for “ALIS” to monitor bill progress, begin by clicking on “registration.” Request to speak and to support or oppose bills online here. For complete details click here, and here.

4. Write an editorial plus e-mail and/or phone newspaper reporters to give both positive and negative feedback. Begin with the Arizona Repugnant here.

5. Call into talk radio programs when the immigration issue is being discussed. Thank the screener for covering this important topic.

6. Join NumbersUSA and F.A.I.R. to begin faxing congress. Also e-mail congressional staff HERE.

7. Listen to the Terry Anderson show each week. Check his website for details on upcoming shows. Listen to his Wake Up America Wednesday show archives HERE, and Sunday shows HERE.

8. Have everyone that you know watch this movie by Numbers USA.

9. Report illegals, click HERE and HERE. Phone BICE 1-866-347-2423, Phoenix office (602) 364-7830.

10. Use the F.A.I.R. site to find elected and local officials, get legislation updates, find media contacts, and for House and Senate Schedules. Click HERE to find your representitive using an Arizona district map.

11. Investigate the negative impact to taxpayers of illegal immigration for yourself. Become a life long student and learner. Click here to start your topic search. Let F.A.I.R help you do your research on this topic, also CIS.

12. Pick up the phone and call your elected officals and remind them who they represent. Have a goal to make 3 calls per day using the “Arizona Government links” section on this site.

13. Click here each week to read Prensa Hispana. WARNING: you won’t like what you read but you need to hear it. Also read La Voz (Arizona Rebublic sister paper).

14. Convince Congress to Vote to Preserve the Value of Citizenship

Recommended Actions:

  • Join in a new national petition drive to secure our borders, stop illegal immigration, and nix any amnesty bills. Click here for a downloadable version of this immigration petition that you can use to gather the signatures of your family, friends, associates and neighbors.
  • Click here to send an online version of this new immigration petition to your representative and senators.
  • Phone or fax your senators and representative immediately in opposition to any “guest worker” amnesty. (Click here to find the phone and fax numbers for individual senators and representatives.)
  • Email a link to this action page to others in your sphere of influence. Here’s the URL: http://www.jbs.org/artman/publish/article_512.shtml

14. Put your time and your money where you mouth is:

Register to become a minuteman today click here

Minuteman donation click here

Donate to The Terry Anderson Show here

Contribute to NumbersUSA here

Join and Contribute to F.A.I.R. here

Want to beat MALDEF and the ACLU? Then click HERE

15. Click HERE for even more ideas from Frosty Wooldridge.

16. You can sign some petitions at the following addresses. Remember Each Signature Counts:


17. Take an oath to become and stay an activist for the cause:

a. We support immigration reform and reduction.

b. We stand in opposition to amnesty.

c. We believe in strengthening our borders, to the extent necessary to protect the United States of America against the threat of terrorism and stopping the flow of illegal immigration.

d. We oppose any program that allows illegal aliens to remain in the United States of America.

e. We support the stand that illegal aliens shall not be issued drivers licenses, permits I.D. cards etc.

f. We oppose sanctuary policies for illegal aliens.

g. We support protecting wages, and standards of living.

h. We believe in supporting our culture and language –English as the language of the land.

i. We believe in strict law enforcement and legal action against those who employ illegal aliens.

j. We believe in a strict policy with tough oversight concerning future immigration policies that address the issues of temporary and enforced timed visas.

k. We believe and advocate restricting all future individuals from entering the United States of America that posses negative background checks with heavy emphasizes on restricting all those with criminal backgrounds.

l. We believe United States government financial assistance should be reserved for United States citizens.

m. We believe in the right to continue to support and promote the above mentioned reforms.

As a Concerned Citizen, I am calling on a plan of action for Immigration Reform:

Illegal Immigration is a national crisis and a massive financial cost to the American People. Therefore, I support legislative and executive efforts that embody the following principles.

BORDER SECURITY – Implement legislation that requires the securing of our northern and southern borders to aid in our Homeland Security efforts.

NO AMNESTY – Our nation should not consider granting amnesty that provides legal residency, privileges or other benefits to current illegal aliens.

DEPORTATION – Illegal aliens who are in the United States have broken our laws and need to be sent back to then enter legally.

STOP BENEFITS – Stop providing tax-dollar paid benefits to illegal aliens. Such as medical, welfare, financial aid and forms of documentation such as drivers license etc.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE – Enforce that the English language (the language of the land) is required as a pre-requisites for legal citizenship.

EMPLOYERS HIRING ILLEGALS – Stricter and enforced punishment of U. S. businesses that knowingly employ illegal aliens.

Common sense on illegal immigration

  1. Secure American borders. See the Constitutional charter of the Guard, including Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.
  2. Enforce American laws. See the Presidential Oath of Office.
  3. No more amnesties for illegal aliens – or the criminals who employ them. See the article The McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill, by Rich Lowry, TownHall.com, May 27, 2005.
  4. Vote only for candidates, at every level of government, who will make the above their first priority. See the article Immigration could be the hot election issue in 2008.


You can reach the Washington office of any Representative or Senator by calling this toll-free number: 1-866-340-9281 [24/7]. This number connects to the Capitol switchboard; then you must ask for the Representative or Senator by name.

Contact Congress


(202) 224-3121 Main Switchboard
(866) 340-9281 Toll-Free [24/7]

http://www.numbersusa.com/index — (free prepared faxes to Congress, superb site) – a network of 240,000+ individual faxers strong – member since 2000

http://www.betterimmigration.com/ — Congressional report cards on voting – a real expose

http://profiles.numbersusa.com/ — Senators & Representatives individual profiles—D.C. and local addresses, phone numbers, e-mail usually on website provided

http://www.americanpatrol.com/ – Excellent site–general news stories regarding immigration, its financial, political, social impact on the United States

http://www.fairus.org/site/PageServer — Excellent site on mass immigration, overpopulation, statistics, research information – member since 1984

http://www.outsourcecongress.org — Superb site in which your e-mails go directly to the powers-behind-the-throne: the staff members of senators and representatives

http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/lou.dobbs.tonight/ — The finest TV media personality/news journalist before the public

http://www.oregonir.org/ — Immigration/overpopulation related issues, news, legislation within state of Oregon – member since 2000

http://www.stopthenorthamericanunion.com/ – superb, detailed information regarding the North American Union [NAU] –the unconstitional usurpation of congressional oversight and citizen input by the Bush administration, fellow corporatists (and parallel interests in Canada and Mexico) for a border-less union with Canada and Mexico regarding trade and mass migration of citizens among the three countries.

President George W. Bush

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

(202) 456-1111, (202) 456-1414
(877) 200-4899
(202) 456-2461 (Fax)
[email protected]

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.

And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.

What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do.

~~ Edward Everett Hale


Ten more suggestions:

  1. Build the border fence! All of it. NOW!

Proper border security is absolutely necessary to keep people out who do not belong here. However bad the problem is now, it is only worse with more illegal aliens. As this paper has detailed, we are being overrun by foreign nationals and when we catch and actually deport the really bad ones about 60% of them simply come right back in. Additionally, the fence is mandatory to significantly decrease the amount of drugs that are pouring across the southern border.

  1. Implement the REAL ID act now. If anything, the time table needs to be accelerated.

We need to know who is in the country illegally and what their intentions are. As much as I do not like having a national ID card, even a de facto one like a counterfeit proof Social Security Card, we are no longer living in an era where vast oceans protect us from the bad guys that mean to do us harm.

As it is now, States are backing out because of the implementation costs and a September 2006 NewsMax article, Congress Delays Border ID Program, notes:

“A plan to tighten U.S. borders by requiring passports or tamper-resistant identification cards from everyone entering the country by land from Mexico and Canada has been delayed.

House and Senate lawmakers agreed to push back the program by 17 months, saying they want to make sure new ID cards being developed by the Bush administration will better secure borders against terrorists without slowing legitimate travelers from Canada and Mexico. The new ID’s will be required for Americans and all others entering the U.S.”

9/11 happened over five years ago. Have we forgotten the horrors of of that day?

The MSM still won’t show the pictures of the Americans jumping to their deaths from those burning buildings. They do not want to “offend” us.

As noted in Identity and Immigration Status of 9/11 Terrorists “the 19 terrorists on Sept. 11 were holding 63 state driver’s licenses for identification.” See Illegal Immigrants in a State of Disarray on how sanctuary policies in Wisconsin’s Department of Motor Vehicles facilitates this practice.

How many more terrorist will gain access during those 17 months? How many more Americans will be molested, raped, killed, and murdered by illegal aliens? Will anybody be held accountable for those allowing those crimes to happen?

As it is now, when, not if, the next big incident happens, Congress will still be pointing fingers, holding hearings, and asking “How did this happen?’ Of course, it will not be their fault…. it never is.

  1. Dramatically increase the fines, penalties, enforcement, and prosecution for hiring illegal aliens.

If there are no jobs available it will seriously reduce the incentive to come here, make staying here less desirable, and provide a strong incentive for many illegal aliens to return to their own country own by their own accord. Having a REAL ID will actually take much of the burden off employers because they will know that they are hiring a legal worker.

If the INS isn’t having to spend so much time having to track down illegal alien criminals that are “only” molesting, raping, killing, and murdering Americans, they will have more resources to go after the “really bad” illegal aliens that would like to nuke a city or two.

  1. Dramatically increase the fines and penalties for making and having forged documents. Making, selling, providing, or possession of forged documents is grounds for immediate deportation.
  2. Enforce existing law.

In case you don’t know what the laws regarding illegal aliens are, see US Code, TITLE 8 (ALIENS AND NATIONALITY)CHAPTER 12 (IMMIGRATION and NATIONALITY)SUBCHAPTER II (IMMIGRATION)Part VIII (GENERAL PENALTY PROVISIONS) which contains various provisions, including:

  • 1321Prevention of unauthorized landing of aliens
  • 1322Bringing in aliens subject to denial of admission on a health-related ground; persons liable; clearance papers; exceptions; “person” defined
  • 1323Unlawful bringing of aliens into United States
  • 1324Bringing in and harboring certain aliens
  • 1324aUnlawful employment of aliens
  • 1324bUnfair immigration-related employment practices
  • 1324cPenalties for document fraud
  • 1324d. Civil penalties for failure to depart.
  • 1325Improper entry by alien
  • 1327Aiding or assisting certain aliens to enter
  • 1328Importation of alien for immoral purpose

These would actually be fairly effective if enforced. Note § 1327. Ever see anybody get prosecuted?

  1. Make violation of our immigration laws a conditional felony.

If nothing else, this shows we are serious and we are a sovereign nation.

  1. Adopt and enforce English only provisions of being part of the United States.

This includes the current naturalization process where there would be no language waivers, regardless of age. If you really wanted to be part of another country, wouldn’t you learn the native language of that country? If you don’t then what business do you have voting?

  1. Immediately reduce the number of legal immigrants to 250,000 per year for the next ten years.

If the INS has a whole lot less people to process, maybe they can start finding and deporting the many hundreds of thousand of criminals with existing deportation orders against them.

  1. Create a Conditional Citizenship Program (CCP) in the Immigration and Naturalization Service to provide a way for existing and otherwise law abiding, illegal aliens to stay and work in the United States and earn citizenship.

The CCP would be designed to specifically address and solve the problem of existing illegal aliens who have been in the country for five or more years. It is not be a guest worker program. That is a whole separate and independent issue. The CCP would have an electronic registry allowing employers to have immediate verification of the working eligibility of illegal aliens. The CCP would have its own judiciary to swiftly handle any disputes, appeals, and deportations, not the cumbersome and illegal alien friendly bureaucracy of the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR). NOTE: see Deport Aliens for information on the failure of the EOIR to enforce immigration policies

  1. Implement the other suggestions in the WHAT TO DO section.

While the ACLU and various other unlimited and illegal immigration individuals and support groups will have a fit and squeal like a stuck pig, the collateral costs are simply too high to allow things to stay the way they are.

The conditions of the Conditional Citizenship Program would be as follows. Violation of any of the conditions means denial of CCP participation and immediate deportation. The CCP is only for illegal aliens that have been residing in the US for five or more years. All other illegal aliens are required to leave.

  1. Applicants to become a naturalized citizen must register with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and comply with specific rules and regulations to become a citizen. Nothing less should be expected of illegal aliens.

All eligible illegal aliens and their children must register with the Conditional Citizenship Program (CCP) within 3 months of activation of the CCP. Initial registration will be nothing more than a serialized, simple, post card application. The applicant keeps the other half with the serial number. Failure to register means automatic deportation. At 3 months plus 1 day the program is closed. If an illegal alien misses it, too bad. They can enter the special “illegal alien lottery” or apply to become a naturalized citizen like everybody else who wants to come to the USA .

Similar to and part of the US Immigration Services’ Naturalization Program, complete registration will require a photograph, fingerprints and issuance of a Social Security Number. Any illegal alien that is not registered with the CCP is in the country illegally and is subject to immediate deportation. Registration with CCP binds the registrant to the terms and conditions of the program.

  1. To be eligible, the illegal alien must prove five years of residency in the United States as of the date the CCP is activated. Children under 18 on that date are covered by their parent(s). Illegal aliens that are 18 or over on that date must independently prove residency and register with the CCP. The CCP will define what constitutes proof of residency but the burden of proof is on the illegal alien. For illegal aliens who have resided in the country for less than five years, their time in country will count towards more lottery chances and the time required by a legal immigrant applicant.
  2. Similar to the requirements of Section 212(a)(1)(A)(i) of theImmigration and Nationality Act, all illegal aliens and their children must have a health screening as part of the citizenship process.

The alien’s CCP work status is defined as “ineligible” until the health screening is complete. A first time exemption is granted for an employer to hire an alien with an ineligible status as long as the screening is done within 30 days of hire at the employer’s expense. Should the alien not get or fail a screening, the work status remains ineligible and work is not allowed until a successful health screening is completed. Any employer hiring or retaining a CCP registered worker with an ineligible work status will be subject to a fine of $500 per month, prorated, of ineligible employment. Should the alien have a communicable disease that is being treated, the work status is changed to “provisional” until the alien receives a clean bill of health. Some industries, such as food service, are not allowed to hire or have workers with provisional work limitations. All school age children are required to have a successful health screening before being allowed to attend any public school.

  1. The illegal alien must meet the “good moral character” requirements for becoming naturalized citizens. SeeA Guide to Naturalization. Any felony conviction or three or more misdemeanors is grounds for denial.
  2. The illegal alien must not be on public welfare when applying with the CCP with the exception of treatments for any contagious disease, child preventative medical treatments, and school feeding programs.
  3. The illegal immigrant must not be convicted of driving a car without a license or insurance or have illegally voted anytime after the day the CCP is activated. Violation of these provisions will result in immediate deportation.
  4. An illegal alien is only eligible for citizenship after 10 years of law abiding residency in the United States. The five or more years of residency time before registering with the CCP is not counted.

This is twice as long as required for a legal immigrant and the additional 5 years is the penalty for entering the United States illegally. Yes it is a form of amnesty but it is part of a realistic solution and the price is a minimum of 5 years of otherwise law abiding residency.

  1. Illegal aliens who take anOath of Allegianceand honorably serve in the military for two or three years are eligible for citizenship 5 years after joining the service, if they were are honorably discharged. For a 4 year commitment, eligibility is granted on the day of honorable discharge. For a longer commitment, the alien is eligible for citizenship on their 4 year anniversary of joining. If an illegal alien in the service is discharged with less than an honorable discharge, they go back to square one but the time in service counts towards the 10 year residency requirement. Should the illegal alien die while serving in the military of the United States the alien is made a citizen on the day of death. The “law abiding” provision is to be similar to what is currently required for legal immigrants.

As noted in Military Shortcut to U.S. Citizenship: “Mexican-born Gabriela Begaye, 30, who joined the Army at the age of 25 and became a citizen last week in Fort Bliss, Texas, says she feels proud to wear a military uniform. I would die for this country. I would do it,” she said.”

This attitude was once expressed by President John F. Kennedy, who said to the nation:

“In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility — I welcome it. I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation. The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it. And the glow from that fire can truly light the world.

And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world, ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”

(emphasis added)

Gabriela Begaye is the kind of person, immigrant and citizen, who makes this country the greatest nation on earth.

  1. All illegal alien children under age 12 on the date the CCP is activated must graduate from 12thgrade or complete a high school equivalency by age 21 to become a citizen.

Those that otherwise meet all the other conditions but do not comply with the education requirement will be granted permanent visas and green cards but not citizenship. Children of such people can become citizens as noted above but all non-citizens are not allowed to bring in relatives. Go back to the EDUCATION section for “why.”

  1. All illegal aliens must complete and pass theINS naturalization citizenshiptest and take the Oath of Allegiance to become citizens. This includes all children who were not born in the United States.

US citizenship is a prized privilege that must be earned. The test may be taken at any time prior to the residency requirement being fulfilled but must be completed within 1 year of eligibility. There will be no exemptions.

It is worth noting that the test is not actually that difficult. Like many things in modern education, you can’t have anybody flunking so the INS gives out the questions and answer, and has a low passing grade. To see how “hard” it is go to Questions and Answers for New Pilot Naturalization Exam.

When these conditions are met, the illegal alien receives a full pardon from the conditional felony and becomes a naturalized citizen, entitled to all the benefits and privileges of being an American.

The five year cutoff is going to be unlucky on someone who misses it by one day. Unfortunately the other choices are between “deport them all” and an unknown Solomon type solution. However, if the President and Congress had done their jobs over the last 20 years we wouldn’t be in this mess today so “5 years” is a compromise in a no-win situation.

For illegal aliens that miss the five year cutoff, there will be an additional 100,000 “Illegal immigrant lottery slots” set aside for four years. This is over and above the reduction of legal immigrants to the 250,000 per year level. All illegal aliens who were residing in the country for four years may participate in a lottery for those 100,000 slots. In the second year, all illegal aliens who were residing in the country for four and three years may participate in a lottery for those slots. And so on until the fourth year when all illegal aliens who were residing in the USA for less than five years may participate in a lottery for those slots. Thus an illegal alien who was in the country for four years gets four chances. The lottery winner gets to participate in the CCP with the exact same requirements as all other participants.

As it is today, we conduct a diversity immigration lottery for certain countries and the NBA conducts a lottery providing the worst teams the most chances. If it is good enough for a diversity lottery and the NBA it should be good enough for illegal aliens who are not supposed to be here to begin with. If they don’t like it – go home.

The CCP does not provide blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens but while giving some a form of amnesty it requires a much larger percentage to go home or be deported. In the American way, it provides compassion and opportunity for law abiding, illegal aliens, as well as for their children, who have been working in the country to earn citizenship. It punishes lawbreakers, does not move illegal aliens to the front of the line and, most importantly, puts similar requirements on illegal aliens as we have for legal immigrants.

While acknowledging that any program that allows illegal aliens to remain in the US is a form of amnesty, the CCP is a common sense compromise and realistic solution to an existing problem that does not include unwarranted blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens or “buying citizenship.” However, it also includes compassion for otherwise law abiding time spent in the United States and recognizes the commitment of illegal aliens in the armed forces.

The CCP stems the flow of illegal aliens, requires a great many to go home, penalizes illegal immigrants for breaking the law, and denies citizenship to illegal aliens who really do not want to be Americans and play by our rules. In the American way, it provides justice, forgiveness, earned opportunity, rewards, and punishment.

The CCP also spreads out the burden of naturalization of a few million illegal aliens on the INS over a number of years which will mitigate the number of additional INS agents required to process the applicants in the CCP. In fact, coupled with a dramatic reduction of legal immigration, and a five year delay to allow the INS to clear the backlog, it should require no more INS personnel.

Regardless, this is the cost of fixing the “victimless” crime. While unpalatable to some as it does not round up and deport 12+ million illegal aliens, it is a realistic compromise that meets the two primary goals. It is also a whole lot better than allowing the horrendous collateral damage to continue year after year while the problem keeps growing bigger as the number of illegal aliens continues to climb.

The alternative is to allow things to continue the way they currently are.

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