Stop Illegal Hiring Act

This initiative is fraud on Arizona voters. Arizona has the most effective, non-discriminatory employer sanctions law in the nation and it has been upheld in 4 court challenges. Those that sued Arizona brought you this initiative. This group puts “profits over patriotism,” and will do everything they can to keep “cheap” illegal labor, while hurting American workers.

Proponents of this initiative have exploited a loophole in state law and refuse to name who is funding the campaign. We do know that some of the people pushing this initiative have been vocal opponents of illegal immigration enforcement and are funding the court challenge against Arizona’s right to enforce immigration laws.

The “Stop Illegal Hiring Act” guts our employer sanctions law:

1) It abolishes required use of E-Verify. Federal Judge John Walker, blasted the current federal I-9 process. “The documents (workers present to companies) are fraudulent.” E-Verify is to help employers hire legal employees and is 99,7% accurate.

2) It requires Arizona to wait until the federal government has taken action against an employer before the state takes action.

3) It exempts thousands of Arizona employers from the employer sanctions law by taking articles of incorporation and LLC registration out of the definition of “license.”

4) It requires all complaints regarding employer violations of the law to be written and signed. This would stop employees from reporting violations. Anonymous tips are an important tool in taking criminals, including serial killers, off the streets.

5) It imposes an impossible standard of proof. High-level managers who are not officers or owners could hire illegal aliens with impunity, and would not face any enforcement.

Stop Illegal Hiring Act intentionally guts Arizona’s employer sanctions law and allows illegal employers “business as usual“.
The Stop Illegal Hiring Act was drafted for the consortium of businesses that hire illegal workers, various chambers of commerce and trade associations, whose membership relies on businesses being assured an endless supply of cheap illegal labor, and organizations that profit by exploiting illegal aliens, after earlier efforts to thwart the Legal Arizona Workers Act failed in court.

The Legal Arizona Workers Act, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2008, requires all Arizona employers to use the E-Verify program, which has an accuracy rate of approximately 97 percent. E-Verify takes the Form I-9 requirements one step further by verifying new hires are who they say they are by matching their names, birth dates, social security numbers and, in some instances, their photo.

Before the new law went into effect, Arizona already began seeing the desired result, whereas illegal aliens were leaving voluntarily, knowing document fraud and identity theft would no longer allow them to obtain work.

Stop Illegal Hiring introduced language to subject an employer to sanctions “if the employer has more than four employees and pays hourly wages or salary in cash and not by check or direct deposit to a financial institution” and fails to make withholding deductions, fails to report new hires to the Department of Economic Security or fails to provide coverage for workers compensation.

The same provisions already exist for violations by employers with just one employee.

The key change the initiative’s backers are furtively seeking is innocuously buried on page seven, where it returns E-Verify to a voluntary program and allows employers to resume the former “wink and nod” method of verifying employment eligibility.

Proponents wish to perpetuate the same verification system that has established itself to be rife with fraud and identity theft for over 20 years.

We are of the belief that Arizona citizens are not as naïve as this propositions sponsor assumes!

Don’t Hire Illegals sounds good, but is only a veiled attempt to once more deceive voters by name confusion. This Prop. Is nothing more than “employer amnesty” and will nullify the previously passed HB2779. Don’t let the name fool you! Since those supporting this measure have the opposite intent, to make hiring of illegals easier and with lessened chance of penalty, the name is completely fraudulent. If named honestly the Pacheco knows that it would be unpopular and easily defeated, so he give it a misleading name. How about a law that bans such practices, as these practices defeat democracy and voter choice?

E Verify is a very simple process, as our Governor previously stated and takes only minutes to accomplish.

Pacheco, an illegal alien advocate, denies formal ties to Wake Up Arizona, the scheme to enable continued exploitation of illegal workers.  Don’t take his word for it, check the facts. Wake Up Arizona, an organization formed by big business bullies has funded this move and is behind the attempt to cost taxpayers more unnecessary dollars.

The rule of law must prevail for our Democratic Republic to continue and flourish. It’s now up to you as voters to demand, by your vote, that we will no longer accept deception and deceit! Vote No! For you and your children’s future.

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