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‘CAST YOUR VOTE” FOR AZ LEGISLATIVE BILLS!ALIS ==Arizona Legislative Information System now has two systems enabling easier citizen input to state legislators on bills they’re considering.


The “Request to Speak” system allows you to go to your computer and weigh in with your opinion, with your “Support” or “Oppose” vote. Your name and comments will be read aloud into the debate record of committee hearings and floor votes.The “ALIS Tracking” system allows you to “tag” a bill so that ALIS will e-mail you when that bill is scheduled for hearing or floor vote. It’s during the 24-48 hours prior to the actual vote that the bill’s webpage is opened for citizen input.These two separate systems are on the ALIS homepage Scroll below the picture of the Capital rotunda dome and you’ll see the “Request to Speak“ and “ALIS Tracking” tabs.Use the ALIS “Request to Speak” IN ADDITION TO (not instead of) e-mails and phone calls to committee legislators and your district legislators. The bulletins give not only the bill number but the members of each committee with e-mail and phone to make it as easy as possible to keep your support or opposition in front of legislators.Repeated citizen entries will be another opinion poll that legislators can’t ignore.

Here’s How to Get Started with registering and using the systems. If you’re likely to forget, print out these “cookbook-style” directions for future use.


(1) Registering for “Request to Speak
(2) Using “Request to Speak
(3) Registering for “ALIS Tracking:
(4) Using “ALIS Tracking
(1) Registering for “Request to Speak”First, you need to register at the “Request to Speak” page. Currently, it requires a visit to the State Capitol, where kiosk terminals are located in the House and Senate buildings.The buildings are open Monday-Friday daily from 8am-5pm, and may be open earlier and/or later when the legislature is in session or legislators are present. The Clerk’s office will allow entry for registration–call the Clerk of the House at (602) 926-4221 or the Clerk of the Senate at (602) 926-3559 to determine if the building is open before or after hours.
After you’re registered on the “Request to Speak” system, you’ll be able to enter your comments and a “Support / Oppose” vote.
(2) Using “Request to Speak”* Click on the center tab “Request to Speak
* Click on “Make a Request to Speak”
* On the “Welcome to the Arizona State Request To Speak (In Committee) System,” enter the User-ID and password you used to register, select the button “House” or “Senate” where the bill is being heard, and click the “Login” button.* Click on “Agenda Search” in the dark-blue area.
* Enter the bill number (which you’ll find in these bulletins) in the first box, scroll down and click on “Begin Search.” The system should return only one bill.
* Be sure the “Selection” button (on the left) is clicked for the bill you want, scroll down and click on “Choose Bill.” A screen with the bill’s summary information will be returned.
* Click on either the “For” or “Against” button, and enter any comments you want (keeping them as rational as possible). After the comments, answer the “Do you wish to be heard?” question by clicking to set the button, and finally click on the “Submit Information” button. The system will return you to the “Search” page.
* You can either (1) again click “Agenda Search” for another bill or (2) click on “Logout” at the top right corner to Exit the system.IMPORTANT: The top right corner (under the AZ flag) is a “Problems/Questions Click Here” area. If you have questions or problems, clicking will send an e-mail to the system webmaster. They were very prompt to address the question I had.That’s all there is to it.
(3) Registering for “ALIS Tracking

Since “ALIS Tracking” is a separate system, the registration is separate. But this can be done from your home computer and you can use the same User-ID and password you selected for “Request to Speak:”
(1) Click on the “ALIS Tracking” tab and on “Click to Track
(2) Click on “Registration” the first time and enter your name, address, phone and e-mail ID. After that, enter the User ID and Password in the boxes and click on the “Login” button.
(4) Using “ALIS Tracking

* Click on the third tab–”ALIS Tracking
* Click on “Click to Track.” The “Welcome To A.L.I.S. Online” screen will return.
* Select the process you want by clicking on the toolbar button above the “Welcome” message. To create a list of bills for which you want to be notified of pending committee and flooraction, click on the “Personal Progress” button. (Again, these bulletins will give bill numbers.)
* FIRST TIME ONLY: Give your list a name (meaningful to you) by clicking on “Change List1 Name.” (I decided to have fun and made two list names: “Close the Candy Store” and “Bills to Kill / Defeat” just to jerk Kyrsten Sinema’s chain.)
* After naming, you’ll add to each list the bills you want to track. The yellow button will tell you which list you’re working in. You can either:

(1) add one bill at a time by selecting a House or Senate bill from the drop-down menu followed by clicking on the “Add House Bill” or “Add Senate Bill” button
or (2) enter several at a time (separated by a comma) in the “Enter Multiple Bills” box and hitting your “Enter” key (this didn’t work for me; I stuck with the first option.)

Notice that the list will display to the right of the yellow button as you add or delete bills.

* When you’re done, you can either click the “Logout” button (upper right corner under the Capitol dome) or repeatedly use the “Back” button at the upper-left corner.

Takes a little longer, but still pretty straightforward.

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