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Time to level the playing field and the Macehualli Work Center

Since Dec. 29, Buffalo Rick Galeener (carrying flags from left), Rusty Childress and Anna Gaines have been protesting the taxpayer-funded Macehualli Work Center for illegal aliens at 16801 N. 25th Street, Phoenix. The property was recently purchased by Tonatierra, Salvador Reza’s organization, with financing from Raza Development Fund.
By Linda Bentley

PHOENIX – Salvador Reza discontinued his weekly protests on Thomas Road across from Pruitt’s Furniture, declaring a victory.

As a result, the Sensing family, which owns Pruitt’s, discontinued hiring off-duty Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies to keep day laborers off their property.

However, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that doesn’t mean he has any intention of stopping patrols in the area and stated deputies would continue patrolling and arresting those who break the law.

According to Mike Sensing, no one has “won” anything and there is still a big problem with day laborers in the area.

An editorial was posted on www.DeadFacts.com titled, “Salvador Reza going down a dead-end road!” citing, “Your list of screw-ups, Mr. Reza,” which began with, “Pruitt’s Furniture is a legally operating business … Boycotting them … shows your ignorance. You support illegal activity, not Pruitt’s right to conduct its lawful business.”

Second on the list likened Reza’s leadership to leading lemmings to the sea, stating, “Every time you get in the streets to protest, some illegals get put in the ‘Round-bar Hotel. Salvador, pretty soon even illegals will figure out that following your lead will get them arrested.”

Perhaps Reza retreated from Thomas Road to cut his losses.

Meanwhile, just days before the new employer sanctions law went into effect, Rusty Childress, along with a group of legal immigrants and legal immigration advocates, decided it was time to bring the city’s attention to the corner of Dunlap Avenue and Cave Creek Road, where anywhere from 30 to 50 illegal aliens congregate daily to wait for work, and to the Macehualli Day Labor Center at 16801 N. 25th Street, near Cave Creek and Bell roads, run by Reza.

And, attention they received. During their protests at the Macehualli Work Center, Anna Gaines, a naturalized American citizen originally from Mexico, along with two others, has been assaulted by an illegal alien. On Jan. 2, a 17-year-old Hispanic male was arrested after attempting to flee from police.

At the Dunlap location, an elderly protester was knocked down by an American citizen who runs the coin-op laundry at the corner, although he chose not to press charges.

It wasn’t all bad attention though. One citizen showed his gratitude by going over to Pizza Hut, where he paid for a dozen pizzas and sent them over to the protesters.

Last week Reza tried to convince the media that the illegal alien day laborers were exempt from Form I-9 requirements if they are hired for three days or less.

Keenan Strand, who owns the McDonald’s Restaurant caddy-corner to the day labor center, which he supports, also attempted to bolster that theory.

However, the I-9 instructions are quite unambiguous and clearly state Section 1 of the form, filled out by the employee, “… must be completed at the time of hire, which is the actual beginning of employment … The employer is responsible for ensuring that Section 1 is timely and properly completed.”

The instructions for Section 2, filled out by the employer, state, “For the purpose of completing this form, the term ‘employer’ means all employers including those recruiters and referrers for a fee who are agricultural associations, agricultural employers or farm labor contractors.”

The portion Reza and Strand chose to misreport states, “Employers must complete Section 2 by examining evidence of identity and employment eligibility within three (3) business days of the date employment begins. If employees are authorized to work, but are unable to present the required document(s) within three business days, they must present a receipt for the application of the document(s) within three business days and the actual document(s) within ninety (90) days. However, if employers hire individuals for a duration of less than three business days, Section 2 must be completed at the time employment begins.”

There are no circumstances under which an employee is waived from completing a Form I-9 at the time of hire.

The anti-discrimination notice at the beginning of the instructions also states, “It is illegal to discriminate against any individual (other than an illegal alien not authorized to work in the U.S.) in hiring, discharging, or recruiting for a fee because of that individual’s national origin or citizenship status. It is illegal to discriminate against work eligible individuals.”

In Arizona, the employer now has an obligation to use the E-verify Program to ensure employees are who they say they are and that they are legally authorized to work in this country.

When Reza’s three-day loophole failed to hold water, he decided to use the $600 bidding threshold used by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors to determine whether a handyman is required to have a contractor’s license.

However, that argument also fails based on the IRS’s definition of who may be considered an independent contractor. An unskilled laborer being paid by the hour and who must be provided with directions or tools to perform the work, does not fall into the category of an independent contractor.

Reza, again, is unable to pull a magic rabbit out of his bandana that would somehow allow him to cloak illegal activity in legality.

What Roger Sensing doesn’t understand is why ICE may, at any time, come to his business and inspect his employee files to ensure compliance with the laws, yet, even though Reza has publicly proclaimed at least 99 percent of the day laborers who utilize the work center are illegal and he keeps a roster of employers who pick them up, ICE refuses to inspect Reza’s operation for compliance.

Labor Ready and Labor Express are just two of a number of companies throughout Phoenix that specialize in supplying legally authorized skilled and unskilled workers.

With locations at 2901 E. Thomas Road, 2515 E. Bell Road, and 536 E. Dunlap Avenue, they are also within spitting distance of the three intersections where the majority of illegal alien day laborers congregate daily in direct competition with their operations.

Nevertheless, Mayor Phil Gordon, who, incidentally, is a member of the Arizona State Bar, still believes the issue is a dispute between two private parties.


Article published Nov 27, 2007

Minutemen back Phoenix store’s rebuff of illegals

November 27, 2007

By Jerry Seper – More than 100 minutemen showed up en masse in Phoenix to counterprotest a pro-immigration group that sought to shut down a local furniture store for hiring off-duty deputies to keep illegal-alien day laborers off its property — and they have pledged to come back every weekend.

The Patriots’ Border Alliance (PBA), backed by members of United for a Sovereign America (USA), set up camp outside M.D. Pruitt’s furniture store Saturday and forced the cancellation of the pro-immigration demonstrations, which alliance leaders described as “economic terrorism.”

“The local support was overwhelming, plenty of honks and thumbs up,” said PBA Board Vice Chairman Stacey O’Connell. “There were plenty of local citizens who came out to ask how they could join the Patriots’ Border Alliance. We were happy to help them out.”

Pro-immigration advocates in Phoenix have picketed the store for the past month, angry over its decision to hire off-duty Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies to keep illegal-alien day laborers off the store’s property. They also held a successful demonstration the day after Thanksgiving, the store’s busiest sales day.

“They are trying to punish this man economically because he wants his government to work the way a government should work,” said Bob Wright, PBA board chairman, who posted his minuteman volunteers and other counterprotesters across two blocks to confront the pro-immigration demonstrators and day laborers, who did not show.

Many of the counterprotesters waved American flags. The demonstration was peaceful, and there were no arrests.

In early November, Salvador Reza, coordinator at the Tonatierra Human Rights Group, said he and his group would protest in front of Pruitt’s through December. The Tonatierra Human Rights Group is part of the Tonatierra Community Development Institute, an advocacy group for the rights of immigrants and indigenous people in Phoenix.

Mr. Reza was not available for comment yesterday.

“As we arrived in full force, we gathered with our protest signs and flags and marched onto the sidewalk, taking up the positions in which Sal Reza and his illegal day laborers have held ground in previous protests,” Mr. O’Connell said. “We joined with another 70 patriots from [United for a Sovereign America] and local concerned citizens, and managed to cover both sides of the street, from block to block.

“There was, in fact, nowhere for Sal Reza to protest … . Not even a phone call to let us know he wasn’t coming. He was a no-show. The PBA minutemen and members of USA got stood up,” he said.

The PBA formed last year and is made up of civilian volunteers who broke from the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps over questions of financial accountability. It recently completed a border vigil in Arizona, manning observation posts near Palominas, Ariz., to spot and report illegal aliens.

“PBA is committed to carrying on with the mission of fighting illegal immigration in a form of protest, the form of continued border-watch efforts,” Mr. Wright said. “This will be our mission, and we will succeed.”

USA is a nonpartisan, Phoenix-based coalition that mobilizes citizens for strict enforcement of immigration laws, promotes state legislative advocacy, participates in immigration-related events and the political process, organizes public outreach and education and initiates grass-roots political campaigns and fundraising.

Police killing puts focus on illegal immigrant crime
The Business Journal of Phoenix September 20, 2007
by Mike Sunnucks The Business Journal

* Monday’s murder of a Phoenix police officer by an illegal immigrant from Mexico has heightened debate over undocumented residents and crime.

Immigration hawks — including activist and Valley car dealer Rusty Childress and talk radio hosts — criticize Gordon, Gov. Janet Napolitano, State Attorney General Terry Goddard and others claiming they are not tough enough on border issues. They say Phoenix and other police departments do not check the immigration status of those being arrested.

Feds helping police nab more migrants
Daniel González
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 5, 2007 12:00 AM

Immigrant-control groups also have been pushing local police to call ICE any time they encounter someone they suspect is in the country illegally. The practice could prevent future crimes, said Rusty Childress, founder of United for a Sovereign America, a grass-roots group that favors stricter border and immigration controls.

“Any time you have a crime committed by an illegal immigrant, that crime shouldn’t have happened because those people shouldn’t be here,” Childress said.


Feds stepping up assistance in rounding up illegal immigrants
KVOA.com – Tucson, AZ,USA

Anti-illegal immigration groups said they have been pushing local police to call in the feds when they encounter someone they suspect is in the U.S. illegally.

“The practice could prevent future crimes,” said Rusty Childress, founder of United for a Sovereign America, a grass-roots group that favors stricter border and immigration controls. “Any time you have a crime committed by an illegal immigrant, that crime shouldn’t have happened because those people shouldn’t be here,” Childress said.

March 14, 2007
Mesa cop examines growth of hate groups
Sarah N. Lynch, Tribune

The debate over illegal immigration has fueled a rise in activity among white supremacist groups both nationally and in Arizona, members of the Anti-Defamation League said at a legislative conference Tuesday at the state Capitol.

And Mesa is no exception, said Detective Matt Browning, who infiltrated hate groups and border patrol organizations while working undercover for the Mesa Police Department.

Browning recalled one night in 2004 when several skinheads attacked a Mexican man outside a Mesa bar.

The skinheads were angry the man spoke Spanish and struck him by surprise in
the parking lot.

The man escaped and made it to a hospital. But before Browning could question him, the man fled for fear of deportation.

And as for the skinheads?

“There are three violent skinheads still walking around, and I can tell you, they’ve done it again,” Browning said.

Browning would know. He’s been infiltrating white supremacist groups in the Valley for the majority of his law enforcement career.

Like others in his field, he’s noticed a blaring theme: The debate on illegal immigration has led to a rise in activity among hate and border extremist groups right here in Arizona.

Browning and representatives of the Anti-Defamation League told those who attended Tuesday’s conference that these extremist points of view are sinking into mainstream dialogue and fueling hatred.

“Arizona has the most violent, racist skinheads in the nation,” Browning said. He said one of those groups — the Vinlanders Social Club — has a chapter in Mesa.

Not everyone who attended the conference agreed with Browning and the Anti-Defamation League.

Chris Simcox, the founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, said he was infuriated by the presentation and felt it contained lies.

“That was the most irresponsible presentation I’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t incite anything but fear in the community,” Simcox said.

Members of United for a Sovereign America accused some Hispanic groups like La Raza of hate-mongering.

Still, a report released last month by the Anti-Defamation League found that the Ku Klux Klan is making a comeback in the U.S. by using illegal immigration as a battle cry.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, another organization that tracks hate groups, counted a total of over 800 hate groups in existence in the U.S. last year. That’s a 40 percent increase from 2004, according to Heidi Beirich, the deputy director of the center’s Intelligence Project.

“Immigration is a tremendously appealing hook for extremists,” said Bill Straus, the regional director for the Arizona Anti-Defamation League.

But Straus pointed out that not everyone who is concerned about illegal immigration falls into the extremist or hate category.

Mark Pitcavage, the director of investigative research for the Anti-Defamation League, said members of pro-white organizations have been known to infiltrate border patrol groups, and that those border groups do little to stop them from joining their ranks.

But Simcox disagreed again. He said he has never caught any white supremacists trying to infiltrate his group.

And Simcox downplayed the idea that membership is growing in white supremacist groups, saying those types of extremist organizations make up only a “small percentage of society.”



January 31 – February 6, 2007
Russell Pearce packs USA meeting at Childress Auto Mall
Become part of legislative process from home
By Linda Bentley
PHOENIX – Rusty Childress has been hosting United for Sovereign America (USA) meetings at his auto mall on Camelback Road every Thursday evening, rain or shine.It was a packed house, but a packed house isn’t enough, according to Childress, as he offered $100 to the person who brings the most new people to the next meeting.

He says, “Every American needs to wake up, become informed and participate. We must unite to fight illegal immigration.”

For those who arrive early, there’s generally an eye-opening video about the border or the myriad other issues associated with the ongoing invasion across our southern border.

Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, was the guest speaker this past Thursday.
After retiring from a career in law enforcement, Pearce is passionate about the subject of illegal immigration, which he says is not a Republican or Democratic issue, it’s about the rule of law and putting America first.

“Someone told me, ‘What we’re doing now doesn’t work,’” to which Pearce said he responded, “What we’re doing is nothing,” adding, “There are five billion people in this world worse off than Mexico.”

While polls consistently have shown 78 percent of Americans want our borders controlled and our laws enforced, he said, “Never has there been such a disconnect between the people and Washington.”

Glenn Fuller, who lost his bid for a seat in the legislature in November in a district that increased in population by 120 percent, commented, “There’s a problem with non-citizens voting,” and brought up the fact that ACORN, a group known for soliciting voter registration forms from illegal aliens and others ineligible to vote, had canvassed the community.

ACORN’s Web site proclaims: “After 34 years of successfully building power for low and moderate-income families in the United States, ACORN is expanding. We have begun a new program to build partnerships with grassroots organizations in other countries. Through these partnerships, ACORN will help to strengthen democratic movements for social change abroad, while continuing our efforts building power for immigrant communities in the United States.”

ACORN is also providing free tax preparation services to make sure everyone who is “eligible” claims their Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a federal welfare program that provides families with up to $4,536 in cash, whether they had any income or not.

ACORN states because 15 to 25 percent of eligible families do not claim their EITC, there’s more than $12 billion in unclaimed credits each year.

While providing EITC assistance through its tax preparation centers, ACORN also aggressively spreads the word about EITC through door-to-door outreach.

Pearce, citing this country has required evidence of citizenship to vote for over 200 years until the “Motor-Voter Act,” which let anyone register to vote, joked, “Maybe we should put Blockbuster in charge of our voter registration,” since Blockbuster requires two forms of identification in order to rent a video.

“The law requires you be in this country [legally] for five years before becoming eligible for benefits,” said Pearce. “We have a fiduciary duty. We didn’t change any laws.”

Pearce mentioned the media was constantly reporting how many soldiers have been killed in Iraq and said, “We lose 9,000 people each year to illegal aliens – 12 to stabbings and shootings and 13 to DUIs every day,” and asked, “Why isn’t that on the front page of the Arizona Republic?
“This isn’t a hateful battle. This has to do with right and wrong.”

Sandy Miller provided information about a law passed in Virginia that prohibits the state from providing funds to organizations that provide assistance to illegal aliens.

Pearce discussed some of the bills he’s introduced, including a statewide law to eliminate sanctuary policies.

“Not only are sanctuary policies illegal,” said Pearce, “it’s dishonest to have government stand on the sidelines as people operating legally are put out of business by those who operate illegally.”

Commenting on Rep. Kyrsten Sinema and her “domestic terrorism” bill, aimed not only at criminalizing the Minutemen, it also criminalizes Block Watch groups and the Guardian Angels, if armed while monitoring and reporting illegal activity to proper authorities, Pearce said, “If you dare stand up for America, there’s people in the legislature that want you to go to jail.”

One woman pointed out there has never been an incident involving the Minutemen and the only illegal activity noted involved ACLU “Legal Observers” captured on film smoking pot while “observing” the Minutemen at the border.

Pearce introduced another bill that would prohibit those not legally present from registering vehicles.

“We can no longer allow politicians and law enforcement to stand on the sidelines. President Teddy Roosevelt made that so clear,” said Pearce.
And, referring to the environmentalists who claim a border fence would hurt the environment, Pearce suggested they take a look at the devastation and tons of trash left behind in the desert by illegal aliens.
Other bills introduced by Pearce included not allowing money transfers to take place if the sender can’t prove taxes have been paid, a trespass law aimed at those illegally present and an initiative that would require licensed businesses to sign an affidavit stating they will not hire illegal aliens.

Pearce also seems bound and determined to fix the misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment that has been granting automatic citizenship to babies born to illegal aliens.

Commenting about the governor, he said, “There’s a big difference between disagreement and a failure to do her job.”

As he wrapped up, Pearce emphasized, “And, as government, we should never be conducting business in any language but English.”

Childress explained how citizens can become involved and comment on bills in committee.

It requires going downtown to the legislature just once to sign up at one of the kiosks. After signing up, bills can be tracked online at www.azleg.state.az.us and comments may be E-mailed from home.

While leaving the event, I was handed a DVD titled: “Attack on America,” a California Coalition for Immigration Reform video taken July 4, 1996 at the federal building in Los Angeles, and a 24-minute DVD titled: “Illegal Immigration & America’s Medicine,” which was accompanied by a verbal warning, “Don’t watch this before you go to bed, or you won’t be able to sleep.”



They sell “products of hatred” against Hispanic activists

By Larreal Angel
La Voz
January 31, 2007

T-shirts and jars with offensive and racist messages against the ex- state senator Alfredo Gutiérrez and the Rescuing activist Says, they are being promoted, and on sale, in Internet by a coalition antiimmigrant of Arizona.

Also they promote products against the state representative Kyrsten Sinema, who has characterized by his liberal tendency and to which describe like “a product of the insolvent system of education”.

In the “web page” of a site of diverse product transaction, the coalition antiimmigrant United for a Sovereign America (United by a Sovereign America, by its abbreviations in English) promotes products in where they insult Nazi Gutiérrez calling to him “Latin” and invite to shoot against the Rescuing activist Says.

The t-shirt and the jar against the ex- senator have their photography and a greeting in German used by the Nazi officials to glorify to the dictator Adolf Hiltler. They contain the legend “Seig Hiel Alfredo, The Nazi Latino” (“Greeting to the victory Alfredo, the Latin Nazi”).

In the case of It says, in center place its image of a circle for shot to the target next to the photo of a person who says: “ Dejen sing and begins to shoot, damn is” That person has a cap with the initials INS, that correspond to the missing “Inmigration and Naturalization Service”.

They think the affected ones

“During years these people have sent all the possible insults to us that a malignant imagination can devise, so does not surprise me that they take his speech of hatred to another level”, commented the ex- senator Gutiérrez.

Gutiérrez showed that “nothing, nor nobody”, will prevent to continue defending the rights him of the immigrants.

The ex- democratic senator maintained that while “these people are submerged in their own hatred that does not let them nor breathe, is a community immigrant who works hardest of sun sun, to far better make the United States of which is”.

Salvador Says simply said that the one of the t-shirts is something characteristic of people by far hatred and noticed that “some options against these t-shirts and their messages” are being studied.

Contact the reporter: [email protected]


Pilot Program Will Certify That No Illegals Work Here
By Randy Hall
CNSNews.com Staff Writer/Editor
January 09, 2007

(CNSNews.com) – An immigration reform group planned to launch a new program in Phoenix, Ariz., on Tuesday to certify that businesses are voluntarily complying with laws against employing illegal aliens. If the effort is successful, it could spread nationwide, the group said.

“Americans understand that businesses that hire illegal aliens are at the root of this nation’s illegal immigration crisis,” said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), in a statement announcing the launch of the “FAIR Approved” program.

Stein said the pilot effort is aimed at giving consumers a choice.

“In much the same way that millions of concerned citizens will go out of their way — and even spend a little bit more — to buy products that protect the environment, we believe law-abiding citizens will make the effort to support businesses in their communities that refuse to hire illegal aliens,” he said.

“The FAIR Approved program will monitor participating businesses and certify that they are complying with laws against hiring illegal aliens, allowing consumers to support businesses that are truly supporting the community and their own values,” Stein added.

Susan Tully, national field director for FAIR, said the program will allow participating employers to display a sign that reads: “I am FAIR approved. We verify work status. Only authorized U.S. workers here.”

“We’re going to have people go door to door to the businesses that they do business with, asking them to voluntarily sign up for this program and sign up with the federal government to verify all of their employees’ Social Security numbers — and do this on a regular basis,” Tully told Agape Press.

FAIR is launching the new effort in cooperation with business leaders in the Phoenix area.

“We in the business community see FAIR Approved as a win-win proposition,” said one of them, Rusty Childress. “As businesspeople, we are obviously interested in making a profit, but as members of this community, we recognize that we have a responsibility to our employees and our customers.

“I encourage other businesspeople in this area to become part of an effort that will be both profitable and civically responsible,” Childress stated. “I believe that the vast majority of business owners want to do the right thing.

“FAIR Approved is an innovative way for them to become part of the solution to the problem of mass illegal immigration, while at the same time attracting new customers who appreciate businesses that offer opportunities to American workers,” he noted.

However, Brent Wilkes, national executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), told Cybercast News Service on Monday that he was “concerned” about the project for a number of reasons.

“On the one hand, doing business with employers that obey the law is not a bad idea, but it should be all the laws, not just one,” Wilkes said.

“Why don’t they ask if they comply with all the other laws, too, like paying their taxes, minimum wage, workmen’s comp and a whole host of other important laws that impact American citizens much more than immigration?” he asked.

“We’re not for employers hiring illegal workers,” Wilkes stated, but he wondered if the program might be used “as a way to discriminate against people. It sounds like they’re creating a ‘whites only’ atmosphere.”

The LULAC official also questioned the involvement of Childress, who helped promote Proposition 200, an Arizona referendum approved in 2004 that requires individuals to produce proof of citizenship before they may register to vote or apply for public benefits.

Wilkes also referred to Childress as “a colorful fellow” who has been involved with “pretty crazy folks” such as those at the Minuteman project, which LULAC has accused of being “racists” and “cowards.”

Nevertheless, Tully stated that FAIR hopes to try out the program in other cities, such as Tulsa, Okla., Dallas, Tex., and even Hazleton, Pa., which passed an ordinance that imposes penalties on employers who hire illegal aliens and landlords who provide housing for them. “And the ACLU, of course, has tied this up in court,” she said.

Stein added that the federal and state governments must share the blame for the illegal immigration situation the new program was created to address.

“The problem has been that the government has refused to enforce laws against employers who undermine American workers by hiring illegal aliens, so most consumers have no idea if the businesses they are patronizing are contributing to the problem,” the FAIR president stated.

American Freedom Riders hit the road
Mixing a mass of motorcycles with a message too loud to ignore

By Linda Bentley

PHOENIX � Frosty Woolridge, author of �Immigration�s Unarmed Invasion,� and leader of the 21st Century Paul Revere Riders, inspired Rusty Childress to form the American Freedom Riders.

Childress says they are simply hard working, tax paying American citizens who believe in the rule of law, the principles that made this nation great, and who realize the time has come to aggressively combat the catastrophic consequences of continued illegal immigration � and love to ride motorcycles.

He is inviting all motorcycle-riding patriots who harbor no racist or extremist attitudes and are not opposed to legal immigration, but rather bikers who oppose illegal immigration and who want to have their voices heard to join his Ride for Secure Borders.

The group�s mission combines the passion of riding the open roads with the urgent need to inform politicians, at all levels, citizens will no longer stand idly by while the integrity and sovereignty of the nation is compromised by the adverse social and economic effects of illegal immigration.

Childress says they hope to influence public opinion by showing strong and unwavering support for elected officials and action groups that have the integrity and courage to publicly oppose the amnesty legislation being proposed by John McCain and the U.S. Senate, which he said �is being shamelessly promoted by the President of the United States.�

The Ride for Secure Borders event is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 26 for a lunch and beverage run to Jake�s Corner with an optional jaunt to Sidewinder�s in Pine.

The group ride will head east on Highway 60 to Globe then north on Highway 88/188 along Roosevelt Lake to Jake’s Corner for buffet lunch and beverage.

The individual ride will continue on through the pine trees to Sidewinders for those who didn’t get enough to eat or drink at Jake�s Corner.

Staging for the ride will be at Childress Auto Mall on Camelback Road, one block east of I-17.

The gates will open at 7 a.m. with a free continental breakfast and the pre-ride ceremony beginning at 8 a.m.

KFYI�s Bruce Jacobs will emcee the event which will include Rep. J.D. Hayworth; R-Ariz., Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Dist. 7; Al Rodriguez, retired Marine Col., and Republican gubernatorial candidate Don Goldwater as guest speakers.

The ride will commence at 9 a.m. sharp.

The first 300 riders will receive a free American Freedom Rider T-shirts.

Childress says, �It will not be possible for the press, politicians or the general public to ignore the impressive visual and audio display of hundreds of Harleys and other bikes in a group. They will hear our message loud and clear: We want our borders secured immediately.�

While recognizing everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, Childress emphasized the Riders will not promote any agenda, express personal ideals or otherwise become involved in discussions regarding any subject other than illegal immigration and said, �We will, however, stand as a band of brothers and sisters against any individuals or other forces which intend us physical harm. Our constitution guarantees us the right to peacefully attempt to influence public opinion.�

Danny Smith, who is helping organize the Jake�s Corner ride, said, �We will be planning more rides leading up to the November elections and politicians should be aware that we intend to influence public opinion concerning who the best candidates are to represent American citizens.�

Smith said they have been receiving participation inquiries from bikers in other states and are in the process of forming brigades across the country so they will have a national voice.

�We hope to have rides around the state and we�re anxious to hear from anyone who will help organize and promote rides in other cities and towns.�

Childress, who is expecting a large turnout, said, �As American patriots, we are joining to take back an America that has lost the rule of law on which it was founded,� citing the nation is nearly unrecognizable from only a generation ago.

He said, �We will raise our voices in our common language to demand that our borders be secured, our laws be enforced, and that our Constitution be honored.�

For more information visit www.americanfreedomriders.com or just show up on Aug. 26.###




�Unite to Fight� every Thursday, rain, shine

By Linda Bentley

PHOENIX � Rusty Childress has been hosting weekly USA (United for a Sovereign America) Town Hall meetings at his auto mall located at 2223 W. Camelback Road every Thursday, rain or shine, beginning with a film at 5 p.m.

This Thursday�s meeting will be followed by a guest speaker at 6:30 p.m., featuring Republican gubernatorial candidate Don Goldwater.
The meetings are designed to provide citizens with information and help everyone find a way to participate and make a difference in the organized fight against illegal immigration and maintain the sovereignty of the United States.

It has proven to be an excellent forum for those without computers who rely on the mainstream media as their main source of news and information, which has shown no interest in reporting the negative impacts of illegal immigration or how it victimizes Americans.

This Thursday�s movie, �The Illegal Immigration Crisis,� is of a town hall meeting held last August in Carlsbad, Calif. The town hall was emceed by Roger Hedgecock and includes Madeleine Cosman, Pete Nunez, Jim Gilchrist, Tom Tancredo, Ray Haynes and Robert Vasquez as speakers.

Childress says these weekly pot-luck (If you bring it, they will come.) Thursdays have seen increased participation each week in an ongoing effort to �Wake up America by bringing a friend to this important forum.� For more information, visit www.immigrationbuzz.com or call 602-433-3760.




July 05 – 11, 2006
Rusty Childress hosts �Unite to Fight� night
Citizens bound and determined to take back control of the country
By Linda Bentley

PHOENIX � About 60 people attended last Thursday�s �Unite to Fight� meeting hosted by Rusty Childress at his dealership on Camelback Road, some from as far away as Arizona City, which is about halfway between Phoenix and Tucson.

It was also about 20 more people than the previous meeting.
Attendees got to see a riveting documentary, �Cries from the Border,� filmed in Cochise County, Ariz., considered illegal immigration�s ground zero.

The film, by Mercedes Maharis, reveals the truth about illegal immigration, including the daily intrusions experienced by those living along the border, those who get caught crossing, those who died trying and those who want to help them.

It opens with Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever, who talks about the escalating effects of illegal immigration on Cochise County throughout his tenure as sheriff.

Jennifer Allen, director, Border Action Network, talked about the environmental impacts.

However, she wasn�t talking about the tons of garbage left behind by those making the trip; she complained about the damage caused by border patrol agents from driving across the desert and the dust their vehicles kick up on dirt roads while in pursuit of illegal aliens.

Allen also complained about civil rights violations of illegal aliens, claiming border patrol agents sometimes beat or rough up those they apprehend.

While there was nothing to substantiate Allen�s claims, there was plenty of footage shot with night vision equipment, showing illegal aliens throwing rocks over the fence at border patrol agents.

The documentary also showed how Chris Simcox evolved from owning the Tombstone Tumbleweed Newspaper to forming the Civil Homeland Defense to becoming the nationally recognized cofounder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

The �Cries from the Border� DVD sold out in Sierra Vista the first day it was released.

However, a copy of the DVD is available through www.MinutemanHQ.com for every $25 donated.

After the documentary, Childress, who chaired the meeting, told attendees they could all do something to take a stand in the fight against illegal immigration and said the number one thing to do after they left the meeting was sign up at www.NumbersUSA.com, to have the ability to effortlessly send faxes to their representatives.

He also suggested they become Minutemen (applications are online at www.MinutmanHQ.com), make border visits and go after employers by reporting them on www.WeHireAliens.com.

Randy Pullen updated the group on the Protect Our City citizens� initiative that will amend the Phoenix city charter to require all officials, agencies, and personnel of the City of Phoenix, including the Phoenix Police Department, to cooperate with and assist federal immigration authorities in enforcing immigration laws within the boundaries of the city. In addition, no official, personnel or agent of the City of Phoenix will be prohibited or in any way restricted from sending, receiving, or maintaining, information regarding the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual, or exchanging such information with any other federal, state or local government entity.

They need 14,844 valid signatures by the end of June to get the initiative on the November ballot. According to Pullen, they had nearly 14,000 and hoped to have 18,000 by the time they turn them in.
The initiative was ready to go in the event Gov. Napolitano vetoed Arizona Senate Bill 1157, which, as expected, she did.

SB 1157 would have made it a Class 1 misdemeanor for illegal aliens to enter Arizona.

A second offense would have resulted in the illegal alien being charged with a felony. It also would have empowered law enforcement officers to question the immigration status of anyone they had lawfully detained.

This bill would have made Arizona law consistent with existing federal law.

Arizona Minuteman State Director Stacey O�Connell encouraged anyone who can to join Minuteman P.J. O�Malley�s day labor protests at 7 a.m. every Friday morning at the corner of Gilbert and Broadway in Mesa.

According to O�Malley, the number of protesters seems to dwindle, while the number of illegal aliens at the corner continues to grow.

David Heppler said he would like to bring in a video of his son�s class at Washington Elementary School doing the pledge of allegiance in Spanish.

A woman in the audience said there are 32 schools in the Washington Elementary School District that say the pledge of allegiance in Spanish.

Childress told the group about www.Grassfire.org, which is running a �Stop the Invasion� billboard campaign, with billboards now up in Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego and Phoenix, with more currently in the works. It costs $25 per square foot to sponsor a billboard.

They discussed breaking up into task forces and Buffalo Rick Galeener suggested the heads of each task force could meet more often to identify tasks that needed to get done and report back to each of the groups so they all wouldn�t have to meet as often.

Unite to Fight will be meeting again this Thursday to show the February 2003 Michelle Malkin – O. Ricardo Pimentel debate sponsored by the Sonoran News and Protect Arizona Now, the Political Action Committee responsible for the initiative that is now known as Proposition 200.

That debate may have been the clincher that sent Pimentel packing. Shortly after the debate, Pimentel moved to Wisconsin, where he writes for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and continues making excuses for illegal immigration. After all, he and his parents came to this country illegally.

Visit www.ImmigrationBuzz.com for more information on upcoming events.

Video game promotes violence
By Larreal Angel
La Voz June 28, 2006

The electronic page in Internet of a coalition of organizations antiimmigrants of Arizona lodged a direct access to an interactive game that consists of assassinating undocumented immigrants.

The connection was available from Monday 19 and for Friday 23 in afternoon the direct access to the bloody game it was removed.

The game simulates the murders of three people who run in an atmosphere similar to the one of the border desert, and has in addition a flag to the EU with a star of David in the place where the 50 stars go that represent the states. publicity

The game is of clearly racist connotations. It presents/displays to three different types from Mexican: One like “Mexican nationalist”, the other like a drug smuggler, and finally a mother embarrassed with two children, to whom they call “to breeder” or “the reproducer”, concept that in English is used for animals with reproductive aims.

“the objective is to maintain them to them outside the country to any cost”, says the game in the beginning.

The electronic pages that contained the game belong to a coalition of organizations antiimmigrants of Arizona, whose direction is (http://www.immgrationbuzz.com), and the video has the name of Border Patrol, whose page in Internet is http://resist.com/other/border_patrol.swf.

This game is in the electronic page of a racist and openly almost Nazi movement, denominated Aryan White Resistance or W.A.R (White Aryan Resistence, in English).

The presence of this game in Internet is not new. Sources explained that there is been in line from 2004, although others assure that public at the beginning of 2006 became. What yes it is certain is that the page of the coalition of groups antiimmigrants had a direct access to that game and the page of the Nazi movement by one week, later wa removed.

The office of J.T. Ready, representative of the organization America First, was contacted by telephone but until the moment of the closing of this editing any answer was not obtained.

Robert You reveal, pro-right president of the organization of the immigrants We are America, it denounced the video game, and catalogued it “abominable”.

Reveal said that it represented “a scorn by the value of the human life”.

Rallies this weekend to call for increased U.S. border security

Daniel Gonz�lez
The Arizona Republic
Jun. 2, 2006 12:00 AM

The first of 6,000 National Guard soldiers requested by President Bush to help the Border Patrol shore up the porous Southwestern border are due to arrive later this month, but some border-security advocates say the added manpower won’t be enough.

They plan to stage a rally Saturday near the Arizona border to demand that Bush and Congress do everything possible to stop undocumented immigrants from crossing illegally, including adding 10,000 more Border Patrol agents and building a wall along the entire 2,000-mile line with Mexico.

Border-security advocates also plan to stage rallies Saturday outside Mexican consulates in Phoenix and in cities in at least 18 other states to protest the Mexican government’s failure to address the flow of undocumented immigrants to the United States.

The rallies come as a divided Congress faces the difficult challenge of reaching an election-year compromise on immigration reform and border-security legislation.

The Senate and House have passed sharply different versions.

The House version passed in December focuses only on enforcement. It would erect 700 miles of barriers along the U.S.-Mexican border at an estimated price of $2.2 billion. The House bill also would make undocumented immigrants subject to felony charges and calls for cracking down on employers who hire undocumented workers.

The Senate in May approved a $1.1 billion plan to fence roughly 370 miles of the international line, a move supported by the White House. Its plan would create a guest-worker program to allow more foreign workers to enter legally with temporary visas. It also would give millions of undocumented immigrants already living in the U.S. a chance at applying for legal residency and eventual citizenship, measures also supported by Bush.

Some border-security advocates reject both bills.

“Until we have out borders secure, it doesn’t make sense to address immigration issues,” said Karl Raszewski II, political director of the Ohio-based Standing on Secure Borders, a coalition of grass-roots groups coordinating Saturday’s rallies.

The coalition hopes thousands of supporters will converge at 9 a.m. at the Palominas Trading Post in Palominas to join hands in a “symbolic gesture that Americans want their borders secured,” Raszewski said.

Palominas is about four hours from Phoenix on Arizona 92, southeast of Sierra Vista near the Mexican border. The area is part of a major corridor for illegal immigration.

Phoenix car dealer Rusty Childress, founder of the group United for a Sovereign America, said Saturday’s rallies show how grass-roots groups in favor of increased border enforcement are coming together and “speaking with one voice.”

“We have one message: No amnesty. Secure our border,” Childress said.

His group is helping sponsor a billboard to be erected today on the corner of 51st and Glendale avenues in northwest Phoenix that says, “Stop the invasion. Secure our borders.”

More billboards are planned in states with senators who voted in favor of the Senate immigration bill, Childress said.

Arizona’s two Republican senators split on the bill. John McCain voted in favor of the measure, while Jon Kyl, who is up for re-election, voted against it.

Reach the reporter at [email protected] or (602) 444-8312.

Day Without Citizens

(CBS 5 NEWS) – Over the past few weeks we’ve seen several immigration rallies both here in the Valley and across the country. Now a different group is asking you to protest illegal immigration.

The event is being called “National Day Without Citizens .” It’s different from the amnesty marches and began as a tongue in cheek suggestion by a conservative columnist. You’re being asked to stay home from work, school, take no public transportation, and conduct no business May 5 and June 30.

In related news, an anti-amnesty rally is set to take place outside the Mexican consulate in Phoenix Saturday, May 6 at Noon.

Mexican Consulate General
1990 W Camelback Rd # 110, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 242-7398

According to the website immigrationbuzz.com, �The goal is to bring national attention to the use of the Matricula Consular cards that undermine America�s national security and sovereignty. The Justice Department and FBI have concluded that the Matricula Consular is not a reliable form of identification due to the nonexistence of any means of verifying the true identity of the cardholder.�

Participants in the demonstration, including The American Resistance, California Coalition for Immigration Reform, Minuteman Civil Defense Corp, Mothers Against Illegal Immigration and United for a Sovereign America, are concerned about the safety of the U.S., as well as the Mexican government’s lack of cooperation to work with the U.S. to solve the problem.

“Mexico continuously demands increased immigrant visas for their citizens, and expanded guest-worker program, and amnesty for their illegal aliens living north of the Rio Grande,” said J.T. Ready, Mesa coordinator for United for a Sovereign America “Mexico can no longer expect the U.S. to solve its social problems by allowing the border to serve as a safety valve for job seeker”.

Ready said all pro-American political candidates will be invited to speak to future constituents at the May 6 demonstration. For more information call Ready at 480-255-5266 or online at www.immigrationbuzz.com

Anti-illegal immigration group to demonstrate Saturday

Daniel Gonz�lez
The Arizona Republic
May. 4, 2006 05:02 PM

Opponents of illegal immigration plan to demonstrate Saturday in front of the Mexican consulate in Phoenix to protest activities by the Mexican government they say help fuel illegal immigration.

Members of Americans First plan to demonstrate at the consulate’s offices on Camelback Road from noon to 1 p.m.,the second time in two weeks, said J.T. Ready, the group’s leader.

“We are advocating that the government of Mexico should be designated a ‘threat nation’ because they are openly subverting our laws and sovereignty,” said Ready, who lost a bid to be elected to the Mesa City Council in March. Saturday’s demonstration is not in response to recent immigrant rights marches and rallies, Ready said.

He said consular ID cards issued by the Mexican government have helped thousands of undocumented immigrants gain legitimacy in the United States by gaining access to banking and other services.

He also criticized the Mexican government for publishing a comic-book style guide with advice for migrants, saying it promoted illegal border crossings.

Larissa Valenzuela, a spokeswoman for the Consul General of Mexico in Phoenix, said Mexico does not promote illegal immigration.

“J.T. has his opinion. We respect that,” she said. “But Mexico does not support illegal immigration and that is why President Fox is fighting for an immigration agreement” with the United States.

The consulate will not be staffed this Saturday, she said.

Justin Higgins, a spokesman for the U.S. State Department, said there is no such thing as a “threat nation” designation and that the United States and Mexico have a close relationship.

Arizona is the main gateway for illegal immigration from Mexico, and is home to about 500,000 undocumented immigrants.

Reach the reporter at [email protected] or (602) 444-8312.

From the Los Angeles Times

Anti-Illegal Immigration Forces Share a Wide Tent
Activists for tighter border controls aren’t unified but say they reflect public sentiment.
By Nicholas Riccardi
Times Staff Writer

May 4, 2006

PHOENIX � Michelle Dallacroce has 4,997 unread e-mails, is late to a meeting and needs to pick up her daughter from elementary school, but here she is, counting day laborers.

“Look, they’re over there!” she says as she steers her Lexus SUV through her neighborhood. “That one’s under the trees! My children have to see this.” Her outrage rising, Dallacroce takes a detour, stopping at a retirement home to distribute fliers for her new group, Mothers Against Illegal Aliens.

In contrast to the coordinated pro-immigration rallies across the country, hundreds of grass-roots activists such as Dallacroce are veering in different directions as they try to influence Congress to crack down on illegal immigration.

They are picketing Mexican consulates; they’re building a barbed wire fence on the border and phoning lawmakers to protest legislation that would allow illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. They have sponsored anti-illegal immigrant initiatives in Colorado and Phoenix. In recent weeks, they have staged demonstrations in cities in the Midwest and Southwest that have drawn a couple of hundred protesters each.

Although they aren’t turning out hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, activists say public sentiment is on their side.

“The people who are against illegal immigration tend not to be the people who march,” said Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, which seeks tighter immigration restrictions. “They’re the people who call their congressman, then show up to vote.”

In Los Angeles, Bill King, a retired senior Border Patrol agent, started a political action committee in January to back candidates who are tough on illegal immigration. “As a citizen of this country, I am fed up with the inaction of this Congress and this president,” King said. “I’m not a radical. All I want is for them to enforce the law.”

Activists who take the toughest stance against illegal immigration have formed too many groups to count, and more seem to crop up every week. Many are run by only a handful of people, but count e-mail lists in the thousands. There’s Mid-America Immigration Reform Coalition in Kansas City, Mo. Californians for Population Stabilization. Friends of the Border Patrol in Covina. Wake Up America Foundation in Las Vegas. Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform. Northern Coloradans for Immigration Reduction. The American Resistance Foundation in Georgia.

Sometimes they don’t even have a name. Silvio Cipro, a Denver-area salesman, decided last fall to urge people online to send letters to President Bush calling for tougher border security and enforcement of immigration laws. His goal is 5 million letters.

“I get calls from people all over the country who are desperate to organize but don’t know how to do it,” Cipro said.

People like Cipro are struggling against a movement for amnesty that is backed by labor unions, religious leaders and business groups.

“What’s striking about the ‘anti’ forces is they’re not institutional,” said Rob Paral, a research fellow for the American Immigration Law Foundation in Washington, an association of immigration lawyers. “They are largely unorganized � or not organized at the national level in the way they would like to think.”

The most visible, the Minutemen, is building a fence on private land along the border with Mexico. On Wednesday, the group began a cross-country tour to demand tougher immigration controls.

Dallacroce, 40, formed Mothers Against Illegal Aliens in January � two months after attending a Minutemen protest against a day laborer pickup site at a Home Depot. She and several friends run the group.

Dallacroce is brimming with ideas and has shared them on Fox News, MSNBC and CNN. She wants to challenge the law that grants automatic citizenship to children born to illegal immigrants in the U.S. She’s considering boycotts of Tyson, McDonald’s and other companies that she says employ illegal aliens. She’s gathering signatures for a ballot initiative � sponsored by another activist � that would end Phoenix’s ban on its police asking people whether they’re in the country legally.

But she mostly collects e-mails from people angered by illegal immigration, and directs them to join the efforts of groups around the country that are sending letters to Congress and deluging elected officials with phone calls arguing against amnesty.

“People in America are crying out,” she said, displaying about 200 e-mails she received after Monday’s boycott and marches: “In seeing the demonstrations I have felt sooooo angry,” one began. Another asked: “What can we do to stop this mess, I just want to slap every politician.”

Dallacroce grew up surrounded by Greek immigrants in Chicago, but when she moved to Phoenix six years ago she began to feel uneasy. She heard only Spanish in some neighborhoods. Day laborers swarmed near her house, and a rash of burglaries plagued her upper-middle-class neighborhood. She said that last year she concluded that Mexican immigrants were invading the country and weren’t interested in assimilating.

She formed Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, she said, because she feared for the future of her two young children, who could be ignored in a United States dominated by Mexican-born people. She described the possibility of Mexicans taking over the country as “genocide” and said migrants were “raping” the country by demanding social services.

But she also valued knowledge of foreign languages and was making sure her children learned Spanish. She said she understood what drove some migrants to venture across the Arizona desert. “I can imagine hiding in the bushes to feed my children,” she said. “My heart goes out to them. [But] we don’t have what we have because we give it away to everybody.”

After being received warmly by residents anxious about illegal immigrants, Dallacroce leaves the retirement home and drives to a Kia/Buick dealership to meet with Rick Oltman, an organizer for FAIR, one of the few anti-illegal-immigration groups with a national profile and staff in several cities.

Rusty Childress, the dealership’s owner and head of a group called United for a Sovereign America, complains about difficulties coordinating with “an alphabet’s soup” of groups fighting illegal immigration.

Dallacroce voices frustration at the massive publicity that pro-immigrant rallies received. “How do we get the message out?”

Oltman, who trains grass-roots activists, preaches calm. He says that every time illegal immigrant marchers are shown on television, public opinion turns against them.

“You’re not going to get half a million Americans to leave their jobs,” he says. “The most important thing is to get the people to contact their elected officials.”

He advises Dallacroce to put aside her desire to challenge the citizenship birthright. It’s important, he says, for those against illegal immigration to speak with one voice.

“You’ve got to go for the main menu items right now, and that’s border security, workplace verification and internal enforcement” of immigration laws, Oltman says.

“Once we get that going, we can start dealing with these other important issues.”


By Jocko on Wednesday May 3, 2006 at 3:23 pm MST (#128889)


Where: Arizona State Capital, 1700 West Washington, Phoenix, AZ

When: 7:30pm � Wednesday evening, May 3rd

Jim Gilchrist and The Minuteman Project are leading a caravan to Washington D.C.. Their objective is to personally deliver to the President and Congress our demands for immediate securing of US borders and enforcement of immigration laws.

Their journey is really much longer than the miles the caravan will travel. This is only the first step of history in the making. Come to the State Capitol Wednesday evening and show that you�re an American who will not be quiet or stand idle while our society and economy deteriorates from the effects of government-sponsored illegal immigration.

Wear your patriotic attire. Bring your American flags and signs.

Should the Capitol and Phoenix police refuse to do their duty in keeping the peace and protecting our right to peaceably assemble, be prepared to file citizens� complaints against the officers. I have the �How to�� details if you�re not familiar with the process.

Arizona Contact for the MInutemen Caravan Rally: Philip Ernst (623) 640-4709 Press contact: Ed Williams 714-348-2629



OK, D.C., how can this be?
Apr. 13, 2006

A travesty is being forced upon the American people.

The political elitists in their D.C. ivory towers again go against the will of the people and support an amnesty of even greater proportions than in the past. Why does the interests of Mexico and corporate America continue to override the poll results of American citizens on immigration?

This is the United States, where the laws are supposed to be followed and the elected officials are supposed to legislate the will of the people – by the people, for the people. Why are the lawmakers siding with lawbreakers? Why are “willing workers” and “willing employers” so willing to break immigration law?

Our law enforcement personnel are already outmanned, outgunned, outfunded . . . and yet the people in D.C. continue to make their jobs even more dangerous. Opening up more amnesty plans will only encourage this illegal invasion. Why continually promote the double standard, that non-citizens can break the law, and encourage further bad behavior?

Washington, D.C., how can this be? And when will enough be enough?

– Rusty Childress, Phoenix
Founder and state coordinator of United for A Sovereign America (USA)



Rusty Childress, owner of Childress Auto Mall on west Camelback road, is a true standup American.

He is the ONLY high profile businessman is Arizona who had the guts to stand up for what he believes in. He was one of the charter founders of Protect Arizona Now which propelled Proposition 200 to victory last November. He even opened his dealership as a petition-signing �station� for Prop 200; do you know ANYBODY else who did that? He put the success and reputation of his business squarely on the line and has paid a price for his freedom of speech and fighting for the lazy, cowardly, and worthless taxpayers of Arizona.

Today, October 8th, he has a crowd of Mexicans picketing in front of his car dealership, bashing him almost one year after Proposition 200 was passed by voters.

I for one believe it�s time Arizonans come together and thank Rusty for his patriotism and show our appreciation. If you are in the market for a new or used car, you should make every effort to purchase it at Childress Auto Mall. We owe the people who sacrificed their daily lives for months and years to end the free ride for illegal aliens, and Rusty Childress is one of them. As a businessman risking a great deal for his country, he stands alone.

It time to show this man the support he has earned.

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